What would you like to train your dog to do?

Jean Cote

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I have a question for you:

Which behavior would you most like to train your dog to do? This can be anything from rolling over to tying your shoes. :dogsmile:


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I would like to teach my dog to do a 'foot stall' trick. The handler is laying on their back with feet up, the dog gets on your feet and balances. The trick is shown at disc dog shows usually. I have tried to train this but with no luck, it takes a lot of time and patients. I will eventually get it trained. :) So there ya have it, my dream trick. :)


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Sarhaspups, that's a great idea... I think I'd like to try it with Charlie, but we'll have to see if it is physically possible for our combination of sizes :D

Tying shoes is also a good one, lol. I've taught un-tying, and using Velcro, but never asked a dog to make a bow. I think I'll save that for much later ;)

Something I've wanted to achieve is teaching Charlie (or another dog) more reading words and see if they can form simple sentences about what is on their mind ('walk park'). I'd also like to see how well they can match words into piles ('walk, leash, play' or 'food, bowl, hungry'...).

Is this to come up with future challenges?


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Ooooo... thousands...
Most of them are for canine freestyle, so I wont list them.
But I thought of teaching Pami to knot a bracelet. Actually I have the idea how to do it, so maybe I'll start it someday... :D

And I have started that balancing trick, it's super fun, I just didn't have the patience to finisgh it... :D


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well... to go under a blanket/towel put down for him..
to roll himself up in a blanket/towel..

to jump up over my back as I lean forward, (like leapfrog)...
to back straight away from me

and lots of the freestyle moves appeal to me...



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id love my dogs to wrap themselves in a blanket too, but i would love to teach storm to grab a beer from the fridge, but he hates carrying things in his mouth (and he likes to drink beer) so it'd probably be gone by the time he bought it to me lolz


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I would love Ronja to balance a treat, then throw it in the air and catch it.
She can balance it very well but she doesnt't unterstand to throw it, so we have to work on it, maybe she will unterstand it one day :dogwink:
And I would love her to do the Awbrey (foot stall) but she can't balance this good and we have to work on this first and then slowly move forwards. I think with 50cm and 20kg it would be possible.


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biggi, the "hold a treat on nose" trick is being taught in this month's intermediate challenge. If you really want to train this trick, I'm sure other members also participating will give you some pointers on how to train it!!!


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Endless Possibilities

With Einstein, there are so many tricks I want to teach him. It generally only takes 2-3 repetitions for him to pick up on a new trick :) so it is real easy to teach him new stuff. He gets bored with the tricks he already knows, so he keeps me on my toes with having to come up with new things. I haven't done any off leash yet as he is too easily distracted by his young age, but he is so smart the possibilities are endless :)


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I am really looking forward to get Una to give me the remote on cue, it is a really cool notion for me to be able to ask that of my dog :)
after that perhaps turning the lights on and off, I want my dogs to be able to practically help making my life easier.
After those 2 the sky and physical structure of my dogs are the limit.


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After I get past Hunter's issues with taking hard objects, the remote would be a fun thing to teach, as well as turning off lights and the tv. Other fun tricks that I learn about I will probably teach him.


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I'd love to teach Maddy Shy and Play dead. Griffen I'd love to teach Bow, working on it for around 3 months now and he still doesn't get it. He's not the brightest spark, Maddy got it with 2 lessons.


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I just discovered, that in musicals, some dance moves that people do can be done with dogs too!!!! :)
So my list of tricks to do really became long!!! :D


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bordeaux;10443 said:
I'd love to teach Bow, working on it for around 3 months now and he still doesn't get it. He's not the brightest spark, Maddy got it with 2 lessons.
It took me a really long time to teach Pami to bow, about 4 months.
Some thing I have tried.
You can get the dog used to this position if you click and give a treat when he is stretching. If he figures out that this position is a thing you like, he will try it more.

Try to lure him under something, but only until he takes a position similar to the bow. Like put a treat under a table, so he will try to reach it, and bend down.

When he figures out that you like this position, you can start to add a cue.

Hope I helped... :)


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I would like to teach my dog NOT to make a mess after he eats :) , the classic roll-over trick and maybe play some football so when my friends are busy , i would always have a partner , one i love so much.


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I would love my dog to learn weave. I have been trying to teach her this for ages but she just wont get it.


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I would love to train Lady to bring the remote to me when im on the couch!!Havent you ever just been lying there and wanting to change the channel but the remote is fust a tad to far??!??