What type of dog trick impresses your friends the most?


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Unbelievable that cop cop is one of the most requested and giggled over. Also bang dead dog always gets applause...esp when i do CPR and the CLEAR! with make believe defibrillator...LOL


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Hi from Jim

Hello to everyone here. I am looking forward to being an active part of the community here. Thank you.



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WELCOME JIM!! You might wanna post your joining this awesome website in the introductions part of "lounge" up there!! but welcome!! Hope to see you around!


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Ali gets the biggest laugh when she MOONS people.It's just her bowing but I make sure her butt is facing them.People loves the cute tricks for sure.


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Shadow gets the best clap from my friends when he does the cute tricks. He is just soo cute when he is touching his nose and rolls over just to get some attention! :dogbiggrin:


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the best trick at the moment is obee picking up several toys after being thrown (she always goes the tyre first!) places them in the wicker basket and then carrys the basket out of the room following me! It looks very cool.