What is your dog most afraid of?


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found a new one for koda, shes afarid of my mates tibetian terrier, dont know why but she wont go near him even if theres foods about a metre away from him, she wont be tempted to go and eat it (and thats saying alot for koda not wanting to eat)
hes salt and pepper looking (if youve seen a snauzer you know what colour i mean) with hair pretty much down to the ground, and he wants to play he loves lots of dogs but for some reason koda doesnt know what he is and when he whines at her to come play she'll back off and try and stand behind me or another dog and look under our legs blowing (she blows out her nose if shes worried about something kinda like horses do)


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wofffie;18276 said:
My dog is just afraid of... any hula hoop.
Ha, my Buddy is afraid of hula hoops, too! I just got one, to teach buddy to walk and later jump through it...
when i came home with the new hoop, Buddy ran to door to greet me, and i made mistake of ROLLING the hula hoop across floor, (wish i could have that moment back!:msnblushing:) cuz i was thinking he would enjoy chasing a new thing.:dognowink: Nope. He ran away!:dogblink:

so i put it away, and then spent next few days, bringing it out briefly, and luring him with treats to get close to it. After a few days, Buddy will now lie right on it, and eat treats off it, now he actually gets excited :dogbiggrin:when i bring in the hula hoop. He now equates the hoop with treats!!!

Now i am working on getting him accustomed to it in vertical positon as well, not just lying on the floor. He is getting there!:msngrin:

brenda taulbee

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Kenzii is afraid of a bunch of things also.

I'm glad to hear she's not the only one afraid of the dark! And also that there's hope for her growing out of that. She's also terrified of guitars, strangers (but only if they're men and especially if they are wearing bandanas), the vet (until she brings out her secret cookie supply), anything new or out of place in a familiar area (like the warm summer day the BBQ suddenly appeared in her backyard!) and hiking where there isn't a trail...

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. It's so unpredictable. One day she'll be fine with something and the next day it's the scariest thing she's ever seen! I really would like to know what goes on inside her head.


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the vacuum cleaner, lol both my dogs live outside so they dont get to see one, (storm in the past has heeled the vacuum cleaner) but i had to clean and vacuum the car out the other day,
koda was tied in the back but somehow took her collar off and got into the front where her treat training stash was (note to self always stick it in glove compartment now on) i was only gone for a few seconds while i got her lead hanging on the backdoor but as i got close i yelled KODA she spun round and the bag flew treats everywhere she liked playing house and cleaning but i still found some when i cleaned out the car

but koda was crapping herself about this big sucking machine (of course i plugged it in and it turned on so she sniffed the end and it sucked her nose up it) and she barked her head off for 5minutes while i did some cleaning, so i decided to do some work with her and the vacuum shes still iffy about the machine but she getting better


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My dog is afraid of thunderstorms. It just goes crazy, the moment there is a thunderstorm. I very much understand that, sensitive ears respond both to lower volumes and higher pitched sounds. Thunder is very loud for them it's like playing drums full blast to a baby. But don't know how to cure my panic stricken dog.


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Well, my Buddy isn't crazy about thunder, either, but doesn't go mad either. One thing that we do for Buddy, might help your lil fella too, is this: We close all windows, all drapes (to block lightening flashes) and turn up the tv's a lil louder than usual to help muffle the thunder. We turn on fans, overhead exhausts, etc, anything that could help muffle the sounds outside.

And we play with him, if he will play. We talk to him in calm, bored voices and tell him we are not worried at all, not at all. (we pretend he knows our words)

We praise him for playing and get his favorite stuff out, and play. But every dog is unique. Yours might be happier under a table with you nearby. I've heard some dogs get so freaked out for thunder or fireworks that they need medicines from the vet. Is pretty common problem, this is!

Somewhere around here is good thread with some specific advice i got about the difference between "soothing" a nervous dog, vs. rewarding/encouraging the nervous behaviour. Even i was able to understand the difference after they explained it...

If i find it, i'll tell you where it is..


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mine fears the monster that i can’t see that obviously sits just over my bed, where she stares and growls at and makes me want to go sleep on the couch. CREEPY.


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Ryleigh is afraid of absolutely nothing now. When she was a puppy she was terrified of other dogs. She would hide under chairs at puppy class or hide behind me. During play time she always wanted to play with them so badly. When she got use to them she would run at another dog, hit them with her paw then run back under her chair as fast as she could. Once she grew up and realized she was bigger than almost all the other dogs she was fine.


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When Ali is riding in the car with me and a Semi truck pulls up near us she hides under the back seat. She just shakes when she hears a Semi.Don't know why she is afraid of them but I think it started when my youngest son worked at a car repair shop that was attached to a gas station by a freeway exit ramp and the trucks used to pull in for gas.I was visiting him one day there and when I came out she was hiding and shaking under the seat.:dogsad: She is also afraid of thunder storms but is much better since I took her outside to play ball during them.I also would take her outside and just sit on the front porch during storms.


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I snickered reading about Ryleigh girl, i can just picture that, lol!!
Crazy knitter, that is kinda sweet, too, about the trucks! Good work on the storm thing!

When we FIRST got Buddy, we don't think he'd ever much ridden in cars before, (lotsa clues). but anyway, he usta growl at cars that came up behind us!!

We thought it was funny, but we told him is no big deal at all and we are not worried about it, and he eventually realized there is apparently no threat about traffic after all, and Buddy eventually agreed, and gave it up.

Still, every once in a while, he'll growl or bark, usually if he growls or barks now it is because he was startled by a car coming alongside of us that he didn't realize was there, but he hardly ever does this anymore....

but mostly he just enjoys the ride now!!!


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hehehehe Gee my two working coolies who are suppose to be tough and brave and even named after a warrior Xena the warrior princess and her side kick Gabrielle well they are scardy cats. The main thing Xena is scared of is the wipers on the back of the car. You turn them on and she will dive to the front and piddle herself had tried to desentized but hey it didnt work so we just dont turn it on lol. She was scared of fireworks and thunder but she is pretty good and normally sits on my foot or if noone is home is by the back door. My puppy Gabby well she is petrified of the hairdryer. If I have a shower at night that is fine you dont wash hair but if you one in the afternoon or morning there is a case it could come out and she goes off to hide and shakes but at my friends place she puts up being blow dried. Nothing what I know of has happened. what a wally lol


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my dog is afraid of the 'clickety clack' sound that trains make, or when going over a bridge in a car and you drive over the lines and they make the same sound, even that particular sound in music, doesn't matter what the object is that makes it, it is that clickety clack, clickety clack sound. It stems from puppyhood, when as part of a socialsing exercise we took her to the fair. she had a ball until something (never found what) gave her a fright and she dived under the dodgem cars stand, where of course all the dodgem cars clickety clack over their made surface. She was a wreck for a few hours after that. Consequently she has never forgotten the sound.