What happened to us this month...


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Well, first of all, we have been to our first "official" agility competition.
Well, not really official, we entered the "almost starter" class, which was for beginner dogs. It had no slalom, and no dog-walk or A-frame, or see-saw.
It was a competition for charity, our dog-school supported a dog-shelter (or I don't know how to call it, a home for stray dogs), it was actually an unofficial competition.

We came in 3rd, no wonder... :D
Pami is not the fastest dog, and she knocked one bar (actually, she never knocks bars, I don'"t know what happened...), but that can't really be seen in the video, as the quality is not the best.
Enough of the text, here's the video:


Second thing:

We have been to an agility seminar, held by Anna Eiffert. I don't know if you have heard of her, she came in second at the WC in 2006 of 2007, I can't remember right now.
So we have been to her seminar, I really enjoyed it, although we were like a disaster, Pami was slower than she ever was... :(

The first subtitle "És még ő nem szeret kúszni" means that she doesn't like tunnels... :D

As you have seen, everything is about agility for us recently. I really fell in love with this sport, I just can't stop it. :D I can't say the same about Pami, she'd rather stay at home, and sleep on my bed... :D

But we haven't forgot about canine freestyle, we're preparing for a competition in June, and I'll soon post a video of some moves we learned recently (and some old ones too. :))

Thanks for reading and watching, I hope you enjoyed it. :)


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Thank you! :o)

And here's the other video I promised:
The second dog is Kelly, my friend Heni's dog. :)


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Hi that was great
Isnt agility fun. I have an absolute ball doing it with my girls. One thing I did notice that when you are running you were looking back quite often and I find when looking back makes dogs go slower. We just had a seminar in both obedience and agility and one of the things she said is that when we train we are very stingy on the food and tugging and that these things help to get a dog motivated. She also did exercises to too get the dog running so dogs realize that you are fun and that they have legs that can move from the trot
keep at it it does get better
Danni and the girls


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Thanks everyone! :)

xena98: I'll try not looking back that much. :), maybe it will work. :)
I have a hard time when I have to motivate her, she's really a "mood-dog", she goes fast if she wants to, but if she doesn't....
As she doesn't play tug, and she doesn't see a ball as a reward, I can only motivate her with food, and that doesn't make her too fast...
So I'm just trying to make her crazy about running, and doing agility, and I1ll see if she starts really running... :)