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Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by myraellen, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend thought we could create a thread where users could ask about breeds what they are and so on...:D (We didn't find any thread about this..) So, this thread doesn't need to be only for us. So, my friend thought she could start by asking which breed might the following dogs be?

    We have seen this picture on newspaper:

    So, does anyone know what breed are those dogs? :)

    In addition to those dogs, my friend is interested in knowing also about these dogs:
    She has seen two dogs outside (separately):

    1) The first dog was similar to Malinois. He/she was also lightcolored but his/her whole head was grey. The snout looked narrower than in Malinois.

    2) "miniature" labrador retreaver. That dog was big but her/his limbs looked a little shorter than lab's, but only a little. He/she was otherwise similar to it. He/she was also black. My friend wanted to add that the shape of the head of that dog was different to lab's.

    My friend thought that that black dog was some kind of retriever but then she saw this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retriever
    There is a list of retrievers there. My friend didn't see that breed there.

    She has looked also other breeds in wikipedia. She has also looked in a few other addresses including The Finnish Breed Club. However, she hasn't found any of those breeds there. Does someone know what breed those dogs might be?

  2. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Hm... Not sure. Sorry I'm not of much help here. Although keep in mind the dogs could be mixes. So the two dogs you described could be a Malinoius mix, and a lab mix. Just a thought. :) Others here are better with breeds, so I'm sure they will give you better ideas.
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  3. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend would like to know if those dogs we asked about are/were pure bred then what they are/were? So, does anyone have ideas what they are/were?
  4. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Without pictures I probably wouldn't be able to tell you if they were purebred or not. Hopefully someone else can help you!
  5. myraellen Well-Known Member

    We had linked this picture:
    So, my friend hasn't seen pictures of dogs anywhere that would look even slightly similar to the ones she had seen outside. Does someone know some web pages where my friend could look for them? Then she could try to find dogs that would look at least a little bit similar to those dogs.
  6. running_dog Honored Member

    Those dogs in the picture look like pups so it is hard to know what they will grow up like but they do remind me a little of Anatolian Shepherds

    Could the Malanois look alike be some kind of greyhound cross? In England there are quick often dogs that look like slightly stretched German shepherds. They can be husky, Belgian Shepherd or German Shepherd crossed with some kind of sighthound usually either lurcher or greyhound.
    Like this one:

    Or this one:

    There is a lot of variation within the labrador gene pool, so shorter legs doesn't necessarily mean a dog is not a labrador. The miniature labrador could also be a kind of labrador cross. The designer dog craze means that there are a lot of breed mongrels about. Especially labradors because everyone :confused: loves labradors. How was this dog's head different to a labrador head? Labrador x staffordshire terriers and labrador x border collies sometimes have that almost-labrador-but-not-quite-right look to them.

    You could try this website to look for dog breeds that might be more like the dogs your friend saw.
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  7. myraellen Well-Known Member

    We had taken that picture from a news article. It was about puppies. So, those were probably Leonberg puppies.

    So, one of the dogs wasn't Malinois. Those Malinoises my friend has seen, looks usually similar to the one in the picture a) However, one that my friend saw outside looked more similar to the dogs in the picture b) but ears were closer to each other

    The other dog wasn't a Labrador retreaver. Many of those looks similar to the one in the picture a) However, the one my friend had seen looked more similar to the one in the picture b). Limbs were shorter to Lab's.

  8. running_dog Honored Member

    I described the dog as a "Malinois look alike". That means it was a dog that looked like a Malinois not that it was a Malinois. From what you say it could well have been a MalinoisXgreyhound or a GSDXgreyhound as I suggested.

    Have you any reason for thinking it was not a crossbred?

    Many cross breed dogs look better than pure breeds. Once in a fun dog show one of the organisers tried to put my mongrel dog in the pedigree class, the other organiser was horrified not because he wasn't a pedigree but because she knew my mongrel looked better than the pedigree dog that she was entering :LOL:.

    I think the labrador look alike must have been a cross bred. Most retrievers don't have a slender head because it doesn't go with carrying birds etc. Did you manage to find anything like it on the link I posted?
  9. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend hadn't been able to answer earlier. First of all, of course she doesn't know if those dogs were purebred or crossbred. She didn't notice earlier that we didn't need to mention that one of the dogs wasn't Malinois.

    My friend would like to add that, that dog didn't seem to be even a lab mix. She has been in the page you linked and she didn't see either of those dogs there.
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