What breed is your dog(s)?



Hey all,

Just wondering what breed your dog(s) are. I'm not sure if theres a thread on this. If there is just feel free to delete this :)

I've got a German Short-Haired Pointer and have had one for about 4 years now. They are so damn awesome. We used to have a German shepherd but he died early on.. :(

Jean Cote

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Hi! Onyx is a Siberian Husky, an awesome winter dog, I should start sledding!! :) And Chase is a Border Collie, tons of energy and retrieves all day & night! ;)


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I currently own a Boston Terrier named Bruin, kinda like Boston Bruins hockey team. Really loyal dog, follows me around everywhere...


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Hey, guys!

I have my little guy, Tank, a Shih Tzu/Chihuahua mix. He's a real toughie, lemme tell ya. :p Extremely smart, loves to learn and do tricks. A real show dog!

Sorry to hear about your GSD, freakylime. =/


my dogs breed type

Thank you Jean for such a great site, this will help so many people and dogs. It is very kind of you to share your skills with us. You are a hero!
I have two rescue dogs, one is a katrina survivor her name is Ebony a black lab mix, female 12 years old,blind in one eye going blind in the other.Toothless except for two upper fangs that are broken into little stumps.
Other one is a bullmastiff, His name is Rock, 6 years old,a bit large for the breed weighing in at 145 lbs, good weight for him, small layer of fat on the ribs but in good shape, suffers from thyroid problems and dry eye.
Ebony is shell shocked or maybe post dramatic stress? I have found many people that took in katrina dogs find most of the same symptoms, fear, isolation, whale eye, a general tense body and clamped mouth, general signs of fear. I am having a heard time training ebony as any change even positive ones bring out that stiff stance and locked jaw and whale eye look in her.

Jean Cote

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Ah I'm no hero! I'm only doing this website because my dogs gave me so much, and I want to show people an alternative way of interacting with their dog!

I'm really sorry to hear about the problems your dog are experiencing :( I hope they get better soon! I don't really know enough about dog health to recommend anything, but one thing I do know makes a difference is to love them unconditionally! :)


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I have a total of three one chocolate lab, one black lab and a very unique German short-hard pointer and pitbull mix.


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I have a bug dog in my home and i have kept this breed because it is very friendly and popular with the children. He did not irritate us like other dogs by barking all night.


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i have 1 toy poodle,3 basters (mixed dogs) 3 snauzers and 2 Dalmations.
toy poodle is called Nugget and he is a boy, 2 of the basters are boys and one a girl called Rupert Timmothy and the girl Sheila, i have 1 shnauzer thats a boy called Rolo, and the other 1 is a girl and she is called Sally then i have 1 more shnauzer thats also a boy and is called Lucky, and finally the 2 dalmations, 1 is a boy and 1 is a girl,
the boy's name is Pongo, and the girl's name is Lucy. that is alot of dogs i know and i also have 5 cats and with that it's even more but just the dogs i have 9 dogs and with the cats i have 14 animals all in 1 house but we have a big house almost like a mansion but i isn't, we are a big Family it's me my 3 brothers 1 is 2 yrs younger than me and 1 is older older than me and one is well my twin, and my 2 sisters all the animals and our two parents,
from nugget
o and by the way my name isn't nugget i just use that as my user.


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Short Coated Border Colllie. Out of all the people I ever meet, only one person has ever got the breed right. Some ask "has it got Border Collie in it?" but few actually believe it's a Border Collie. I guess it's because people aren't as used to seeing the short-coated variety, as they are the longer coated. Plus she has very little (almost none) white fur on her head.


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Jean;469 said:
Hehe, I get the same thing with Chase.. People think Border Collies are all Black & White! :)
If they went to the same show as I went to today they wouldn't. We went to watch a dog agility show and they had just about every variety of Border Collie you could imagine. It was an amazing show to watch. Some were downright amazing dogs, and some were just funny in how happy they were to embarrass their handler! :)

We took Ellie along to get used to dealing with thousands of people and dogs, and she coped really well. Even managed to focus on her training when we were there. After a while, she just walked past other dogs like they didn't exist. Can't ask for more than that. Really enjoyable day.

I was so impressed, I bought her yet another new bed!


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I have two old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier girls. I used to show and breed SCWTs and these are the last two. Both recently had cancerous tumors removed and I hope they'll be with me a while longer.

I have two little boys, both around two years old. One is a Havanese who spent his first nine months in a kennel, so he needs work on his shyness. The other is a Hava-Tzu.

Now I have a new puppy, a Goldendoodle. She is just 13 weeks old and a real sweetie. I've been clicker training her since she was eight and a half weeks old.

This is a great site -- thanks so much, Jean! The videos are awesome -- so many of us learn better visually than by reading. There are clicker videos on youtube, and a few are good, where many are not. Yours are the best instructional videos I've ever seen online. Nice job!


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I have a mixed breed dog. She had a hard time before we adopted her.
She must have been beaten, becouse she is frightened of every sudden movements, but I think she trusts me very much, becouse she never got frightened from my sudden movements. (did this make sense?):dogsmile:
My dream dog is a bearded collie, I want to get one once, maybe after I finished secondary school.:dogsmile:


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well im surrounded by dogs i have a 15yr old pit bull shes not got long to live she has cancer, then storm my blue heeler, but who always comesover or i visit is luka my sisters black pug puppy whos nearly 2yrs old, and my granmothers dogs who are re-home dogs, i help train for her, a pekinese catherine 5yrs old she was a breeding bitch at a puppy farm she was in a yard with about 40 other small dogs, she was skinny and couldnt walk she has alot of food issues and territory issues, lance a teacup chihuahua he can fit in your hand basically 7yrs, he was left under a house and has skin problems due to fleas, then her two pugs, pugzi 10yrs old who lived in a shed cause she peed in the house,instead of teaching her they just put her out and baz an old bugger about 12yrs whos owner had to go to university and needed to find a good home for him, but in my short 21 years ive had soo many dogs and different breeds

and now i have koda, my rotti x pit bull