What Are Your Dog's Best Tricks(abilities)?

What dog do you think is the most fun-loving?

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Sally Honna

Everyone on here has a dog, or almost everyone, so why not post about your dog's best trick or ability. I will count how many tricks are listed, and write them down to see how many we can find. I will randomly say the number of tricks listed ofter 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320...and so on. The number will keep doubleing and when it does I will say the number. Do not repeat a trick that has already been said. If I find a repeated trick, I will: A. Tally it beside the trick name. B. Ignore it, it has already been said over 10 times. You can say as many trick names as you like, but make sure these are tricks your dog knows or you are in the process of teaching it. Thanks and happy posting!

Sally Honna

Sample Tricks:

These will not be counted fore they are samples. But you can still say them if they are not taken.


Staff member
Crawl backwards
backwards figure eight between legs
hind leg targeting
stick 'em up
back around me
nose target
paw target

my dogs have many many others... those are just my fav!

Sarah Wells

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Forward figure of eight
Peek a boo
Shake left and right
Leg weave
Pull my sock off
Header ( he headers the football when i tell him to)

He knows more tho :D But theyve already been said

Sarah Wells

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o and he knows
Discern objects names
Food refusal
and he is currently learning jump over my legs


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High 5
Cross Paws (mirror)
Bark when I say "No no no" and wag my finger
Standing on skateboard :D

Pei Pei

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cubbie the brown Pei:LOL:
(why isn't my name coming up under my dogs?)

sit, stay and down from 30 ft with distraction-come when called and to front
watch me
two object discernment
go to place
big dog bark-little dog bark
stand and walk backwards

weave poles (still luring)
down from a distance sit stay.
spin in both directions
walk backwards on hind legs
head tilt
hide and seek
crawl slowly on my command to treat on floor a distance away.
puppy pushups
go to sleep:rolleyes:
where's your cover and he pulls the cover over him.
jump over my legs and then crawl under my legs
go back he walks backwards

take a bow
sit pretty
jump off the ground:eek:
high five with both paws
peek a boo with sit pretty.
dead dog
roll over
say hello, puts head on my lap

touch with hand and target stick.
leave it
polite people greeting (tuff one for mr wiggles):cool:
jump onto two levels of boxes and then sit and shake

from front-heel right and heel left
jump up and twirl around (not so good at that one yet(
treat on the nose (struggling)
go over bar and under bar
weave between legs
teaching him to sit with a cue card and then i have one for down
will heel without a leash in the backyard only.
teaching him to scratch my back:D
the most fun of late is teaching him to stand on one of those balance balls and he can't get enough of it.

also working with him beside me and i step into him so he has to step sideways,
cross paws tuf one am using a card for this one as I am for the scratch my back trick:oops:
also working on him to catch things when I throw them which is hard for a Pei since their eyes are kinda covered with wrinkles

capturing 'shy boy', getting better at letting me put the treat on his nose, shaping him to stand in a small box and then to sit and lie down. I would like to teach him how to stick his tongue out too, roll a beach ball with his nose.(y)


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:LOL:oooh my,
IGNORING THE OWNER WHEN LEAST WANTED :cautious: (guess this wont count although he is a champion at this one,but everything else he does is listed already{{not a spot on you guys:p}} and I only wanted to say hi and welcome :ROFLMAO:)

(there aint a boxer as the most fun loving option O_o):whistle: