What Are The Best You Tube Training Videos

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Husky heaven, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Husky heaven Well-Known Member

    I have allready used this months internet allowance watching training videos and now have to download them so I can watch them back at the right speed! I have discovered Kiko pups and am slowly working my way through all her collection. Wave a flag is a favourite to help with Grace's retrieve problems. I also like Richard Curtis' freestyle training videos from crufts 2009, part 1 and 2 cover teaching the basic movements for freestyle to music. What else can anyone recomend for me to watch?

    I am particularly interested in videos that show how to teach something as I don't have access to a real trainer. One day Spain might hold freestyle to music comps and I would like to compete and I am also working with Grace towards getting her trick dog champion tittle. We also compete in trick dog competitions, so anything really clever or unusual is good. We are currently working a lot in reverse, having seen Kikopup doing a reverse weave!

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I don't fully understand how you have a limit to how much internet hours, but, i think your plans all sound WONDERFUL, and i wish you the best of luck!!

    If you are interested in doggie dancing you might find Pamela Marxsen worth watching, too. Like Kikopup, Pamela also offers totally free "how to" videos using positive only clicker training methods.
    Here is one of Pamela's on doggie dancing (she has others on this subject, as well)
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  3. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much tigerlily for recommending this video!!! I've been working on a doggy dancing routine with my boy Kodi but we've been working from the beginning to the end. I've heard of backchaining before but I never tried it and wasn't sure exactly how to go about doing it. This video was absolutely perfect! I'm going to go home and try it with my dog tonight!!! :D

    trick academy.jpg
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //I've been working on a doggy dancing routine with my boy Kodi but we've been working from the beginning to the end. //

    rofl, same here!! oh my, i started by choosing the song first, going for a slow enough beat song, with lyrics that could fit a dog,;)
    and then,
    i wrote down all the lyrics,
    and under each line, i thought up tricks, heelwork, etc,
    and i also began at THE FRONT of the song, JUST LIKE YOU!!:ROFLMAO:
    I have not even completely finalized my ideas or list of tricks for END of song, when i found out, we should start at END of the song!!:ROFLMAO: Tamara, a member here, was the one who sent me that video, it is good, isn't it?

    I am now back-chaining a FEW of the tricks together, but i don't think i will back chain them all. I am creating a few back-chain segments.

    Oddly, now this might sound really weird, but, i only work on backchaining in my dining room, and in no other room.
    Cuz i do not want my dog to everafter backchain these tricks every time, and my dog IS "Mr. Specific".
    Still, if/when we ever finalize the whole entire song, i do believe Buddy will be able to backchain these tricks in a new area for a video, but, my plan is,
    (and i may be full of baloney here, wouldn't be first time)

    that otherwise, Buddy will ONLY backchain those tricks in the dining room, and for the video.
    So far, so good, so far, Buddy IS only backchaining those tricks in the dining room, and NOT anywhere else, which IS what i wanted.
    I know, i know, it sounds hard to believe, but, so far, so good. But, i am also thinking i may have to practice back-chaining out in the yard, as well, as i do need more room. (see i AM just figuring it out as i go along, :rolleyes: probably making every mistake in the world, too!O_o )

    (we will never compete, my dog is dog-aggressive, so, it's just for fun with us).
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

  6. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    he he Kodi and I are totally making things up as we go along too! And we don't plan on competeing either as Kodi has some aggression issues as well (fear based). It's all just for fun as well. I'd love to see your guy's routine once you finish it! Please post it :D
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  7. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

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  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Lol, you only live about 2 hours away from me, I ADORE western Michigan, and feel it is one of america's best kept secrets, and one of the most beautiful places of all, and i've lived all over the country,all around the edges til now, from coast to coast, north to south, , and still, western Michigan is hard to beat, same for the U.P., too... It's awesome, imo.
    I love that sunset coastline:love: to the max, and i am in Manistee all the time, and often canoe there regularly....such a lovely area you live in. YOU LUCKY DOG YOU!!

    now, we should get together,
    and we could make a doggie dancing routine, with two reactive dog all acting gangsta to each other, while we are trying to do the routines we practiced!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    NOT! ROFL!! what a nightmare that would be, eh?:rolleyes::LOL:

    but i do believe, somewhere, there IS some type of online doggie dancing competitions, i think so. I'd imagine they have rules, like so much % has to be heelwork, so much of this, so much of that, etc, but, i have no idea really.

    Lol, if we ever do master this stuff, we could both enter our dancing gangsta dogs into an online thing!!:ROFLMAO:
    Probably, by then, AFTER we would have routines all finely honed,
    and then, when we try to enter the online contest, we'd realize we did not follow the rules.:ROFLMAO: Sounds like something i would do, mmmHmm.
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  9. orpheum Well-Known Member

    Don't know if you're willing to spend some money on training DVD's but I personaly like the training DVD's of Richard Curtis. Very well explained and step by step. The "tricks for a better bond" dvd by Trkman (Lolabuland) is also well explained and a great introduction to training tricks if you think about it.
    Via the website of lolabuland you can follow (distance) internet trick lessons with your dog. I hear realy good things about it, so maybe you could try this. But of course it all has a price :(
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  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Tx cowgirl, one of the mods here on DTA, also raves about Silvia Trkman, and has some set of her DVDs i believe, and just thinks Trkman is tops, too.
  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    (geez, do you think i scared Dice away?) Dice, i was just kidding about a reactive dog dance combo!! come on back, it was only a joke!:ROFLMAO:
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  12. orpheum Well-Known Member

  13. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

  14. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Tamara, i do think you ROCK at finding videos!!:ROFLMAO:
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  15. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    I love youtube!!!:ROFLMAO::D:ROFLMAO:
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  16. orpheum Well-Known Member

    Added it to my favorites ... Thanks
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  17. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    BowWowFlix has Curtis & Trkman dvds available for rental. But they only ship in the US and Canada...

    I added some to my list.
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  18. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    OMG! You seriously live in michigan?! And you like it here? LOL!!! :) Wish I could move to California :D
    I'd love to meet and have our dogs work together! Oh wait.... yeah that probably wouldn't work out lol. We really would have doggy ganastas on our hands! :D And were you serious about online doggy dancing contests? Cause that actually would be a super awesome thing for people with reactive dogs to do. But then again I probably would end up choreographing the routine wrong and realize I didn't follow the rules either!!! :-)

    trick academy.jpg
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  19. orpheum Well-Known Member

  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    /OMG! You seriously live in michigan?! And you like it here? LOL!!! //

    warning, brace for thread derail, :ROFLMAO: sorry guys!

    Michigan has hit hard times, and if you want to have a GREAT vacation, while being patriotic and helping out a state in dire straights, come to Michigan and have a one-of-a-kind unforgettable vacation LIKE NO OTHER.
    Whatever you love, Michigan has it.

    Me? love Michigan??? YES, YES, i adore the sunset coast of Michigan, and truly am not lying, anyone reading this, with money to travel, should look into vacationing there. It's hard to beat, imo. Sorry, no really 'big' cities at all, except at very bottom of coast, but, instead, the coast is fairly unmolested, you can EASILY have a beach to yourself, with no one in sight as far as you can see in either direction, (dogs adore this place)
    and a waterline to the sunset. Looks like the ocean, waves, noisy waves even, one can sruf there in places, and dotted with lighthouses, seashells, sand, (but no jellyfish, no crabs, no sharks, no salt to sting your cut):D but yeah, there IS an undertow there.

    this is The Dunes, and some beaches look like this:


    and when you turn your back to the water, you can find areas where you see only unmolested marshes, or woods, or sand hills------ not a strip mall selling tee-shirts.
    This type of beach can be hard to find for some ppl who do love such raw beauty.
    and it is not "muggy-hot" very often on the beach, but, it can be, but one can find lots and lots of days with very pleasant temperatures, too.

    some beaches are flat, like this:
    lake MI 1.jpg

    One can also find "party beaches" full of young ppl, or "family beaches" full of children, and lined with shoppes on the beach, and marinas full of yachts. Many kinds of beaches on that giant giant coastline.
    then there's the dunes, so high we used to hangglide off of the tops of them, out over the water. Only fit ppl can get to the top, and it takes way longer than you'd think.
    There is St Joe, and a few minutes further, Chicago, for ppl who want the bigger city, and i love both of those places too.

    And instead of big cites (which ARE fun, whooot! i love 'em, but, sometimes, nature is fun to spend time with) the sunset coast of MI is dotted with a few small, tiny towns, many of them sort of artsy-fartsy and quaint, full of marinas and fishing piers and museums and art stores, shoppes selling locally made items of all sorts, tiny pubs full of characters, and restaurants owned by same family for generations now.
    michigan sunset.jpg

    What's not to love? WHAT A SUNSET, EH? the sun melts right down into the water....wow.
    what a show!
    An everchanging breathtaking bit of awe inspiring scenery...as far as one can see.

    AND NO,--- one can NOT see the other side of Lake Michigan! :ROFLMAO: All my old Cape Cod pals who come to visit me here, are always stunned, "But, but, it's a LAKE! where is the other side? This looks like the ocean!! what!?"

    and within a super short drive or bike ride, or even a walk from the beach---- one can literally GET LOST (we've done it) in giant expansive woodlands, like Manistee, how breathtaking is Manistee?
    Wow, some of my most fun times have been groups of us all canoing together in Manistee, which, on a weekend, can be chockful of partying canoers, all having huge fun together.

    and then there is the U.P., the Upper Peninsula, with it's gentle hills, waterfalls, the town of Marquette, that one island where there are no cars at all, Mackinaw,
    as well as that entire top 1/3 of "The Mitten" that is Michigan, wow and wow, it's easy to find places where you feel you are THE first person to walk there ever.:eek: AND YES, THERE ARE BEARS!!!
    But, one can also find cabins to rent, and have a small lake to yourself almost. Outdoor ppl, skiers, fishers, hunters, hikers, snowmobilers, photographers, ppl raising kids, or dogs, all think it is heaven.

    Maybe it's cuz i am a huge nature lover, but, i think Lake Michigan is a hard place to top.
    what's not to love?
    oh, and i lived in California for years, spent my youth there, and loved it there too!! It's often a little congested and expen$ive though, but, yes, some lovely stuff there. OH, i had some fun years there!!!:ROFLMAO:

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