What are avatars?


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This is the first forum I've joined that does avatars... can someone explain them a little to me?

All I know (I think, lol) is that they are the little pictures that show up by your name when you post, etc. It looks like you purchase the charactor, clothes, background - whatever you want, with points you earn through posting.

Are the options only those that are available in the 'store', or is there a way to create or import something? Will I see more options as I get more points (only the stuff within range being displayed)? How do you get a photo to appear instead of a digital creation? :dogwacko:

Thanks much!


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Actually, you can have anything you want (within reason) as your avatar. As you can see, mine is simply two photos of my dogs that I put together on my computer and uploaded. There are no points and no waiting time required, so you can do it right now. Jean has provided some ready-made avatars, so feel free to look around and experiment.

Go into User CP (control panel) on the top left of the window, and then Edit Avatar.

Have fun! :dogsmile:


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Thanks :)

Figures... it was one of those totally random shots - my dad had just arrived and was taking pictures of the field after it's first mowing that we'd seen. He told me to stop working so he could get a picture, and it wasn't until he mentioned I should probably put down the pitchfork that I got the idea... that one came out better than most pictures that I've either set-up, or had professionally done :p