What a difference a day makes


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Well, I took the plunge, as they say, and booked a lady to come and give Duke some tellington ttouch.

Yesterday was the day. We did not get to do any tellington as she started with the behaviour problems that I have with him.

What a lot I have learnt in just one and a half hours! There is hope yet. In fact, I've just returned from the most stress free short walk ever.

I have also learnt how to use the clicker properly and Duke seems to take to it like a duck to water.

I'm going to give normal dog training lessons a short break as it really does stress me out too much which is affecting Dukes ability to handle the situation of other dogs. But if after just one short day such a change in him can take place, give us a few months and who knows what will happen.

I'm about to fall in love with my dog all over again and he now also looks at me with his big brown eyes, something he never used to do.


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that is so wonderful to hear!! I'm glad the tellington touch has brought about such quick and dramatic changes, and I think the break from the stress will do you good too.


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You are so right about the break from the stress. I can't go tonight to training genuinely because of family things, and I am so relieved inside, if that makes sense, as I know I don't have to shout 'no' at Duke for going towards other dogs, or lead checking him if he does not walk close enough for the trainer. I also will be able to spend a Wednesday evening without being in tears before I go to bed because Duke has behaved badly at class and I have had far too much information from all sides.

I know that at some point I will go back, but only when Duke and I are ready to face the big scary world together. (what a whimp I sound LOL)


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Sounds like taking a break from classes is a good idea... and I suggest finding a new trainer and starting fresh when you are ready for group classes again. It sounds like the trainer probably isn't sensitive to Duke's needs and has been giving you a hard time...

That is awesome that ttouch is working so quickly for Duke - keep it up! :)