We're Trying To Get Back Been Awol Too Long! Leaf And Blossom.

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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    We are very sorry for our long absence from D.T.A. Due to the fact that Daddy has been at home so much, he's real computer hog, plus of course makes much more work for Mom too as any ladies here will totally understand!

    Plus Mom's been very busy trying to set up two sites of her own - one's on doggies and kitties so we'll let you all know when they're finally ready for publication.

    We've missed you all so much though and do apologize for not keeping to our word with videos and all the many fabulous activities which happen on this forum.

    And with little Blossom, she's taking quite a bit of Mom's time too. She's a little darling, very lovable and snuggly, but does have a perchance for chasing cars, bikes, people, other dogs, birds, ghosts (well she can see them) and anything else which moves so poor Mom has to walk her separately from me (Leaf here of course) which takes up more time *sigh* which Mom can ill afford. But she does need all her concentration of Ms. Blossom that's for sure. Me of course, I continue to be Mom's little 'earth angel' and dream doggy.

    Blossom here! Well I do like to herd everything, trouble is Mom has me well and truly leashed! I now sport though a rather smashing harness, lovely hot pink, which has improved matters and Mom says I am making progress. Plus becoming quite the little fashionista too with my hot pink hoodie (O.K. it's Leaf's hand me down but in spotless condition so I don't mind at all as it fits me perfectly). Trouble is if we miss a day out walking, I tend to forget lessons of the previous day. Well I am only seven months old, doesn't time fly, so there's hope that's what Mom says anyway. And I love the vets, great favorite there, though I do scream like the Banshee if they forget to give me a pile of liver treats when they stick those needles into me :giggle::giggle: I'm not silly, I know how to extract treats from humans, I've got them well trained. Plus I had the big operation, so can now safely have a boyfriend and BOL (bark out loud) didn't waste time finding one either, he's so cute and such a gentleman - Mom says pity I wasn't always a lady bah! I'm a real chatterbox too, growing very wide, short and look more terrier now than BC, along Mom says with all the terrier traits, good and not so good. Will post some photos when Mom can find time to take some new ones and NO I'm not a sausage dog, which a lot of people think I am!

    We'll close now and promise to try to be on line more often. Again, we're both so sorry for our absence, it's been torture not being on here but as Mom says there are only 24 hours in a day as she has to sleep sometimes!

    Here is a video of us having fun on the beach. Blossom ADORES swimming, she's a real water baby, I'm in shock over that, me I prefer to stay dry but I do venture in a little way at times.:oops:

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  2. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I'm not able to see the video, it says it's a duplicate of a previously uploaded video.
  3. running_dog Honored Member

    Lovely to see you've made it back over here even if only briefly.

    Ah the joys of the chasing/herding obsessed dog. The problem is that no matter how we mortal owners try to keep our focus and attention on the dogs so we can make the right decisions we will still manage to make the wrong decisions sometimes. Hopefully as the world becomes a little less new and exciting to Blossom then things will get easier... look on the bright side... she's not trying to chase every leaf (NB not Leaf but leaf, I suspect she'll spend a lot of time chasing Leaf!)

    The harness and hoodie do sound very fashionable! Maybe a little glitter and some sparkly sequins on the hoodie would add to the effect?

    Make sure we get a good look at that pink harness and hoodie :LOL:
    I think you should go with the sausage dog idea and tell them that "you are what you eat" so obviously sausage dogs EAT sausages and you'd like one NOW please.

    Once again, great to see you back and hoping you'll be able to check in again soon :)
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Hey glad to see your still around and to here an update on how the girls are doing. I hope you come back soon.

    aww Yay Blossom for loving water. Both Missy and Piper enjoy the water, which is a plus for me since I spend a lot of time at the lake during warm weather.
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