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Hi all,
My name is Nicole and I am the very proud momma of an 8 month old coonhound/english setter mix named Bocefus...but he prefers to be called Bo. He is a very happy, very affectionate boy, and he is currently enrolled in a very effective training program. His program focuses primarily on obedience and nuisance behaviors, and he is doing really well. He has stopped almost all nuisance behaviors in the house (chewing, digging, potty accidents, jumping up, nuisance barking, etc...) and he is doing really well with off leash training.
However, he is doing so well at his obedience training, I would like to throw in some fun stuff too. He already jumps up and catches a thrown ball and he will retrieve a stick both in the water and on land. He also knows to "give kisses", but that is about all the fun stuff he knows. I would love to teach him some tricks and I'm hoping this site will help me out. So I am gonna start reading through the site and find some easier tricks to start with, as I don't want to overload his doggie brain with all the things he has been learning. Although, I do have to say, since we have been training he is a much happier and content dog. I think he really just needed some direction and a purpose. Well...wish us luck :dogtongue2:

Jean Cote

Staff member
That is great!! Welcome to the website and dog training. You will find many dog tricks in the Classroom section of the website, you can start by teaching him the ones found in level 3 - they are the easiest.

Training dog tricks will stimulate your dog's brain and you'll develop a better relationship with him. You'll also see that your obedience skills will also improve! :) Good luck!