Went To A New Park With Dogs Today


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Went to a new park today to check it out with the dogs and its good. Has field for fetch and walk ways through woods which is great :)
Took loads of pictures - over 100 narrowed down. Here's my favourite top 20ish lol. Also took various videos then just made one combined video.
When they started out they were nice and clean

Bought one of those ball launcher things everyone seems to have. Was great today as the ball kept ending up in the swampy bits lol.

In the background you can faintly see Zara having fun in the muddy puddle

Here's Bella running through the muddy puddle


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WOW, do those dogs look so so happy!!!
What a great great day!
and, looking over your photos, i just got idea to teach that "paws up" cue, which i have never taught! how clever!
I have taught my dog to go look out the window on cue, which requires "paws up" to see out the window,
but, i've never taught a general "paws up" that can be used on ANYTHING i want!

Great idea, Tif!!!


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Yep I taught Bella paws up on the stool but used it on other things too in the house and rewarded her for doing it.

Had to bath all 3 when we got home lol was a nightmare because they were covered.