Website is growing!

Jean Cote

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This website has been launched approximately 7 months ago. We started with 1 member, me. And now we are almost at 2,500 registered members! Over 12,000 unique visitors in the month of January alone!

Thanks for helping me build and improve the DTA! I really wouldn't be able to do it without you guys!

Here is a graph that shows the current growth. Each vertical bar represents a month.


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Wow Jean! This is amazing!:msngrin:

I started a hungarian forum ,about friendship bracelets about 2 months ago, and there are still only 14 registered members, so this is a really big thing, as I can see!:msnwink:

I hope the site will keep growing!:dogbiggrin:

luna may

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Wow Jean this is wonderfull! :yipi:
I can remember the site when it was only started... Well ,I joined at Oct., so sort of :)
It's improved so much since then! Way to go!!! :doglaugh:


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Congrats to Jean on starting this great community , and to all that have joined and contributed to make it as succesful as it is today. I searched for a loooong time on the net to get good quality info for dog training; found plenty of agility and flyball, but nothing compares to this variety of interaction, videos , advice, competiitions and more. So glad I found it.
I can see this growing enormously .


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I greatly appreciate the fact that you put forth the effort to build the site Jean! When I found this place I got extremely exited because it met all criteria of what I was looking for. Not only that, but it exceeded all of my expectations. I don't search for dog info anymore, I log on to the DTA almost every time I get near my computer just to see what's new! Congrats on a great community!:yipi:


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Jean thank you for creating this wonderful site! The rapid growth is amazing, but hardly surprising! I've been a member of a couple other online communities (some related to dogs, others not), and this is by far the most interactive forum and with the most features and where everyone is so friendly and supportive (even when disagreeing with one another) that it encourages people of all backgrounds and experience and skill levels to participate and feel welcome.

I think what really makes this site stand out from other dog-related forums I've lurked on or been a member of, is the video training lessons that you've created and the supportive atmosphere. I have not seen any other dog-related forums where so many members post their own dog videos to share with one another! And I think that seeing videos adds so much greater depth to the discussions on training than just reading written words or even seeing a picture. Your video lessons are an invaluable resource available for free to the public! And with members posting their own videos, blogs or links to their personal websites with their videos and blogs, it adds yet another dimension for learning and personal growth! this highly interactive forum is really unique and I think the numbers (of members, of hits) speak for themselves! Keep up the excellent work Jean!
I agree that the video lessons are what set this site apart from others. Even though my dog has learned most of those tricks already, I still appreciate looking at your breaking down of the training process. Moreover, when members post their videos, using the same step by step process, it really helps to see the whole process of teaching a new trick, setbacks and all.

Thank you, Jean!