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  1. Hello All,

    We are new to this great site! I would like to thank Jean, the organizer of the website, for providing such a great place to learn! He is very generous to offer this site and his actions show his main concern to be building solid relationships with our companion animals rather than any monetary mission. It is nice to read that the members here are responsible "guardians" of their companions and want to do everything possible to make them flourish.

    Together with my fiance Olivia, we are guardians to Cannoli, a now 5 1/2 month old AmStaff/APBT/Lap mix. Cannoli is a rescue and we were lucky enough to have Cannoli join the family since she was 12 wks old. She was found, as a newborn, in the middle of winter on the south side of Chicago in a bucket with five of her litter mates. The mom was found chasing the sixth pup down the street in order to gather them together in the bucket. The police officers who found them each kept a pup and brought the rest to a Chicago rescue named Reach Out Rescue NFP. We were lucky enough to adopt Cannoli and she went from the curb to a completely spoiled lifestyle :msngrin: We love her very much - there is no doubt that Cannoli is our little doggie daughter!

    We work with Cannoli daily. Cannoli took to obedience training and performing tricks immediately and we have decided to use obedience training as her "job." She is a great listener and loves to make us happy. I am a huge advocate of the bully breeds and hope there is no discrimination here :msncry: Pibbles and Staffies are great listeners, love to learn, are very smart, loyal and love people - their goal is to make their guardians happy!

    Cannoli has a full routine of tricks and we have just added the "bang - play dead" routine where I point my "finger gun" at her, say "bang" and she will go from the sit to laying on her side. Our families loved this on Easter and really thought it was the cutest! I will be teaching all the tricks available here and hope there are more to come. Using obedience and tricks as Nolli's "job" keeps her mentally stimulated and well-behaved.

    Here is a link to my fiance's facebook page where you can check out some of our older picks (we are working on getting some newer ones up).

    OOPS, I guess you can't post pics right away....?

    Sorry about the long post, I just wanted to let you know who we are and that we appreciate this site. We look to be part of the DTA team! :dogtongue2::dogbiggrin::msngrin:

    Gary, Olivia and Cannoli

  2. lexio2 New Member

    welcome! I have a secret soft spot for pibbles and staffies. :)
  3. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Academy. I love the story of Cannoli's humble beginnings. It brought tears to my eyes. She is a very lucky girl indeed. Can't wait to see some pics and vids of your trick repertoire.

    I think you will find that everyone here is friendly and accepting of each other's choice, at least I have. I am owned by an English Coonhound - that does not hunt wildlife, she is saving herself for search and rescue work! I have found that this is a true dog site, geared to the enjoyment of owner and canine friend.
    Once again, Welcome, come on over to the monthly challenge forums and see what we have been doing for March. Hope to see you involved!
  4. stormi Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome,

    Cannoli sounds lovely, and is such a lucky girl to have found you.

    See you around the site :dogsmile:
  5. Thanks for the welcome. We look forward to taking part in the fun...

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