Watery Jobbies


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Hi all
I own two young adult dogs…a Dobie Male and a GSD Bitch... Just something that’s been slightly bothering me. The dogs are mostly exercised in hilly wooded terrain. The average walk starts (and ends) with around 5 minutes on the leash, the rest of the walk which lasts about 1hr 15min is spent with the dogs running free. This is the time used to reinforce ‘sits, downs, backs and just me establishing who’s in charge (that’s a laugh!). The point is (and I’m sorry I took so long to get to it) that the dogs get a really good ‘work-out’ and it’s when they are tired and on the way home I often notice if they pass a stool it is very ‘watery’…it pours out of them!
Any observations…?
Regards Steve

ps...If they do a 'jobbie' when we start out...its firm enough to bounce!

Jean Cote

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:msngrin: I don't think this is a problem - the exercise will make them go eliminate, so after an hour and a half of running, they probably really need to go! Thus making it wetter.

Another user might give you more information on the subject - but I don't think this is anything to worry about! :msngrin:


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This is usually a sign of too much protein in the diet and/or over-feeding. That being the case, it's absolutely nothing to worry about (at least from a medical perspective, and presuming you are out of range). What are you currently feeding the dogs?

P.S. You are legally liable for any damage caused by bouncing stools that are passed by your canine companion. :)


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The dogs are fed on 'Arden Grange'…a hypo allergenic complete dried food. I do however moisten it a little just as the dogs are fed…I’ve been told this helps prevent ‘bloat’(never seen it but I gather its pretty nasty) and Dobermans are apparently prone to this. I don't think it's overfeeding...both dogs look really 'cut'. I've got a sneaky feeling they do it just to wind me up!