Want to become a dog groomer!


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I have wanted to be a dog groomer since 7th grade and i am now in 11th! I really want to start my path to become a dog groomer and want to know anything that could help me in my future years.......I have been looking on the internet for stuff and trying to retain some information in my head and stuff of that nature but i am REALLY looking for some more information! If you have a link to any website that has some information or some pictures of different types of haircuts then PLEASE give me a link so I can further my studies! lol
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I would suggest visiting with a local groomer and asking them about how they became certified. Petsmart has an academy that their groomers attend, and most of them start out as bathers at their salons. The only thing I can think of though would be visiting with a groomer somewhere in your town.


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You might look at local vocational schools and trade schools. Here in Ohio, we have a system of vocational high schools which students can attend during their junior and senior years. One of the fields offered is animal care and husbandry, which includes dog grooming. The students learn grooming in class, and they also do externships in local groom shops. Many of the graduates go into grooming after leaving school, others go to work in pet stores, vet hospitals, animal control and rescue, etc. Perhaps your state has similar programs.

There are also grooming "academies" associated with large grooming shops where you can enroll as you would in human beauty school. Check your yellow pages or call local shops and ask if they know of schools in the area.

Good luck!
Hi, any work you can get in the industry (I started out during highschool working part time for a pet shop, then vet nursing, now pet grooming!) even if it isnt grooming straight away, will be a big help in getting into grooming later on. I know here in QLD there are Pet Care Study courses you can do though some college's as well as schools and online courses, which of course all cost money. Otherwise definatly go into a local groomers and ask them if there is anythink locally which will help, or if they are looking for trainees


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Check out petgroomerforums.com Lots of info there. I would suggest either a grooming school, or apprenticing with a groomer. It is not guaranteed you will get into the training if you go to petsmart or petco, and you will HAVE to start as a bather. Bathing is a great start, but not helpful if you dont get anywhere.
I would definitely suggest finding an established groomer you could possibly apprentice with part time until you're done school. And be sure to let them know you eventually want to be a groomer, and not just a helper forever. And make sure youre getting paid, since you will be working.


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I'd check out Animal Behavior College Dog Groomer Program. It's a really extensive program for what it is worth plus you get all the tools and your text books included in tuition. It's also both online and hands on which is good for a flexible schedule.


Well, when I wanted to learn how to groom, I was working in a retail store that had grooming too. Billy, the groomer, told me that if she had to do over again she would go to Paragon School for Pet Groomers in Jenison, MI. Now I'm not sure where you're from but I would make the investment and go there. I went there and it was an awesome program when I went but they have completely updated it since I completed the 600 hour program. Beside the fact that almost every groomer out there uses Notes From the Grooming Table, Melissa Verplank wrote that book and started up Paragon. The only problem I see learning from a PetCo or PetSmart in that they will but you I a contract & you will be stuck there for 3-5 years. Also most pet stores have shave down dogs but at Paragon has a huge clientele and you'll be able to learn all the breed cuts. But look on the Internet and see if there is a grooming schools near you.