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Discussion in 'Obedience Training' started by Gordykins, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Gordykins Experienced Member

    I've never tried posting videos before, but Gordy and I have recently entered Rally-O trials, and I thought that my good boy would like it if I showed off here for all of his DTA friends. Bear with the me if what I'm doing as far as adding the videos doesn't work right away, worst case scenario, I will just have to post the links!

    The trials that we participate in are World Cynosport Rally... which I think is a really great venue! It has really helped me learn about the world of positive reinforcement training, and Gordy (as I'm sure it will show in the videos) LOVES it. WCR does allow you to talk to/encourage your dog and give food rewards at the end of signs that end in a stationary sign, so it helps to keep it fun for the Gordster, and that's what we're all about anyway! We can win or lose at a trial... and I stole this phrase from someone else, but there's no need to fret about mistakes or disqualifications, because at the end of the day, you still get the best prize of all... and that is to go home and snuggle with your best friend, your dog :) (Here is a link to the official guidelines, it describes how they promote good relationships through rally training!http://rallydogs.com/binary/files/APDT Rule Book.pdf)

    WCR has a high score of 2oo, with 10 potential bonus points at the end. In the first video, Gordy scored a 190, but then got all of the bonus points, so he got a total score of 200. That was his first time ever in an official trial ring! He got third place. The second video is his second trial (same day), he scored 200, and got all 10 bonus points for a score of 210, and took first place!! I was a proud Mom for sure!!

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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Great Job to you and Gordy. Congrats on your third and first place.:)
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  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    You guys looked great, and looked like you were having so much fun! Congrats!!! (y):LOL:
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  6. 648117 Honored Member

    You and Gordy looked great.

    Thanks for posting the videos. It's really interesting seeeing the differences between Rally-o in the US compared to here.

    Here there are no bonus points (except at excellence level (the highest level) when there is a down-stay while another dog does the course) and the scoring is out of 100. And it looks like there are a number of other differences in scoring and the signs. Also, absolutely no food is allowed in the ring here at any level.
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    The AKC rally here would be a lot like what you are describing. There are a different organizations that I know of that do rally here... the one that I've been practicing for is World Cynosport Rally, there is AKC rally (which is the one that I said sounds more like what you are describing... 100 points, no bonus, no food rewards in the ring), and there is UKC which I don't honestly know much about, and I think maybe CWAGS has rally trials? But WCR definitely has me hooked, and it has been a really good start for Gordy and I! I'm told the signs are more challenging than the other venues, but I think allowing food rewards kind of balances out that challenge anyway. I had never planned to compete, but Gordy and I have so much fun with rally that I ended up entering trials just to get to have more rally time with Gordy. I've found that most others at our trials are there for fun too, and everybody really is supportive of one another! We're all always cheering each other on :) It really makes for a fun evening!
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    Congrats to you and Gordy! You guys did so well!
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    Thanks Kassidy :)
  10. 648117 Honored Member

    Yeah, I find Rally-O to be a lot more relaxed and fun at times than agility and obedience (although I enjoy all three for different reasons). I think part of it is that all the dogs can potentially qualify and get a certificate towards their title whereas in agility and obedience you have to get 1st.
    It does make for a much friendlier, fun and supportive environment :) .

    Here, there is only the NZKC. Having all those organizations must be so confusing at times, especially when deciding what to do and what would be the best fit for individual people and dogs.

    I started doing Rally-O with Lewis a few months ago (my mums 4 year old Pomeranian who we have had for 1 year). I just wanted to do it to increase his confidence and try to make him more comfortable around more people and dogs in a controlled environment (there are only about 5-7 dogs at our Rally practices and all are nice and calm) but our trainer thinks I should look to compete with him as well in 2014 because he is doing better than expected already.
    I'll see how it goes, I'm not sure he would cope with the competition environment very well at this stage. Might just take him to a Ribbon Trial or something to watch and see how he feels.
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    Rally is really great for building confidence! I've seen so many other people join rally classes for that reason, and it's worked! I'm glad that is seems to be working for Lewis too :)

    I'm thinking of taking a competitive obedience class with Gordy in the future, just to learn, but I don't know if I could handle an actual obedience competition. Sometimes I have trouble with anxiety when people around me are getting very competitive, and I know that when I fail to keep myself calm, Gordy goes wackadoodle on me... especially when I start to get anxious in a situation where there are a lot of other people who are anxious or nervous.
  12. 648117 Honored Member

    Yeah, that's what I was like at our first obedience competition (we have been to 2 so far and have one in two weeks time). My nerves did affect Holly but it wasn't too bad. Our trainer was there (competing with her own dogs) and she said that watching us it was obvious that Holly had been trained well and had moments of really lovely heelwork but that she also had moments where she was distracted by the environment/me and that I was nervous. (I was really worried that we would do so bad that people would think we were crazy for even entering and that we didn't belong there, especially since Holly isn't exactly a typical obedience dog size/breed).
    When I left the ring my face was so red and I was pretty exhausted too :oops: but happy that we had done it.
    I guess I'm lucky that Holly's reaction to my nerves etc was to stop walking and look around or stop and scratch her neck so it wasn't too bad (she didn't take off or bark or anything).

    Most of the judges I've had have also been pretty supportive and often come up to me to ask what breeds Holly is and say that she is "an awesome little dog". Since we start in "Special Beginner" which is the class that's only for first time handlers I guess everyone tries to be supportive and understanding if you do something wrong due to inexperience and everyone else in the class is just as inexperienced.
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