"Wanna Beer?"


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HEre is a trick, is variation on 'speak'..
Ya gotta find a stimulus that makes your dog bark.

Buddy is NOT a barker, was here over 2 weeks, before he barked even once. Turns out, Buddy loathes/is afraid of/or/startled by our printer. HOnks him right off! Buddy barks at the printer, every page that comes out.
ONce you find your dog's stimulus that makes him bark, elicit the bark, (i hit "print") and i said "Wanna Beer?" and treated the bark. (which actually was caused by the printer going off).
Over time, i moved further from the printer, eventually quit printing pages, and just asked "Wanna Beer?"...yeah, Buddy did run back to the printer to do his bark(even tho no pages were printing anymore)...over time, i moved further and further out, away from the printer...first time Buddy ever sat right by me and barked to my question, without running back to the printer, he got a jackpot!!
HUGE KUDOS!! etc etc!!
He was stoked!!:dogbiggrin:

Over more time, i got Buddy to do the trick far far away from the printer. Now it is one of his favorite tricks, :msnohyes:gets big raves whenever he does it. IN the beginning, when i tried to show our friends his funny trick, even If he didn't bark to "Wanna Beer?" i just say "Well, he isn't much of a drinker i guess." ha ha!! But Buddy has that one nailed by now.:dogtongue2:

THEN, i was able to take "Wanna Beer?" to the front door, and i knocked on the door, asked Buddy "Wanna Beer?" and he barked....over time, i was able to stop asking "Wanna Beer?" and Buddy learned to bark as i knocked on the door.

HERE'S THE FUNNY PART!! Buddy only barks at knocks on the INSIDE of the door, and still has zero response to anyone on the other side knocking on the door!! :msngiggle:

So then, Craig went outside and knocks on OUTSIDE of door, and i treated Buddy if he barked. ANOTHER FUNNY PART= Now, if anyone knocks on our door, Buddy runs and sits by door, but doesn't bark til i get to the door with treats!!! :msngiggle:

We're still tweaking that one.
Trying to get Buddy to bark-- at door knocks--- from the other side of the door--- even if i am not standing by the door to give him a treat....:msnwink:


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Can I have a beer too please? :dogbiggrin:

Nice work and such a great way to teach. Well done xx


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THANKS! WE LOVE THIS TRICK!! all our friends ask Buddy this now. Oh, btw, Buddy now DOES bark at door knocks, from the OTHER side of the door, even BEFORE we are standing next to him now!!:yipi: He is gettting the hang of this living INSIDE the house stuff!!!

cute enuff, long after Buddy had learned the trick, i DID have to take some time to DEsensitize poor lil Buddy to the printer after he'd learned "Wanna Beer?"...I would hit 'print', and kinda half hold/pet him, and talk soothingly to him, give him treats for NOT barking, and tell him we aren't really worried about that printer, is no big deal, took about 3 days for Buddy to decide he WAS okay with the printer after all. No need for him to be halfcrazy :dogmad:every time we print something!!
Plus, i was kinda feeling a LIL guilty :msnblush:for egging him on to bark at the printer, but i WAS able to UNdo all the barking at the printer, he can now lie calmly and watch the papers come out. whew!
AND he STILL will bark at "Wanna Beer?" He really seems to love that trick.:dogbiggrin:

This trick is HILARIOUS, my brothers were visiting, and they had some beer, and i was getting them another, and i said "Buddy loves beer." and i turned to Buddy, "Wanna Beer?" and of course, Buddy barked enthusiastically, and my bro said, "No way! Ask him if he wants a sandwhich." so i did, no reaction, and my bro, who knows zero about dog tricks, was amazed.:ROFLMAO: