walk-and-pee problem


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I have a 9 month old puppy and he would always start walking before he's done peeing like he's in a hurry to go somewhere. What can I do to stop him from doing that?

Thanks in advance.

Jean Cote

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If it's outside, I don't really see how it is a problem.

Only thing I can see is for you to stay calm and wait until he is done.


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During the potty training process I would always praise my puppy for going when she was outside... Sometimes if I praised too much during the process she would get walk away to come get pet or a treat. So I started to praise very gently until she was done, then I would get all excited and praise a lot since she stayed and finished.


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koda does this too shes just excited to be running round with storm but ive found if the areas quiet and she needs to go toilet (i stand quiet too) she wont start walking off mid pee, i also say (toilet as a command) to teach her that if where anywhere shes not used to i can say toilet and she'll go toilet, we do this with our horses before they get on the float so their comfortable travelling (but we whistle at them) so i trained storm when he was young and now starting to train koda