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  1. lonewolfblue New Member

    I was just wondering what some of the video cameras you are using to take your movie clips of your dogs. I've been trying to look for one, but not sure what would be easiest to be able to download the movies to my laptop so I can upload and post them. The ones I've done aren't that great using the cam on my laptop, and the sound follows the video by about 3 seconds. I see myself working with Betty, then clicking, then 3 seconds later you hear the click. Just wondering what you all are using.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator


    I use a Sony Handycam camera, I got it used on eBay a while back and it is fantastic. It's really easy to use and most of the time I have it in 'EASY' mode which you basically just point a record. But I think this model might be getting old, especially with all the High Definition coming out, I may need to replace it soon.

    As for video editing software, I use Adobe Premiere, it's pretty neat but it is very confusing to learn. Many members on here use Windows Movie Maker without any trouble, maybe you could look into that?
  3. fickla Experienced Member

    I also have a Sony Handycam which I love. however it records videos in mpg2 which Windows Movie Maker can't edit. (I think a lot of video cameras record movies in mpeg2 though since it's really compressed.) So for a while I was using a free converter to change them all to avi. Now I use the program Vegas to edit my movies.
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    I should also mention that there are DV cameras (small tapes) and HD cameras (hard drive), both have their pros and cons but I lean towards DV. You never know when a hard drive can crash and then you loose all of your videos, whereas a DV camera you always have the tapes with you. ;)
  5. dat123 Experienced Member

    I've got a Canon HD20 DV camera, good quality .

    However I prefer to use my little cheapie compact camera, Canon Powershot A550, fits in my pocket easy, downloads very easy to my laptop, works well in Windows Movie Maker saved as .wmv and uploads easy to YouTube.

    The Powershot is less than $200 in Australia. All the videos I've made and put on this website has been with the Powershot, you can check the quality.

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