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When watching a video where the dog is learning something new, would you rather see -

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Pawtential Unleashed

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Sometimes I see videos and think - 'Man I wish I had seen them teach that' - and other times I just want to see the end result, usually after they have asked the dog to do the same behavior over and over.

So I bring to you the question - when watching vids for my much is too much and how much is not enough?


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Everything!!!!! :ROFLMAO: No seriously, I love to see a dog learn, love to see how they figure it out and when they have the "lightbulb" moment. If the vid get's too long I sometimes fast-forward a little, so it might be good to keep it in the 10 minute range:LOL:


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i most strongly appreciate seeing HOW it was taught, maybe not whole entire sesssion,
but i especially enjoy videos, where sometimes they say or write "Now i get BOTH paws up on box" or whatever, and show how they did that step.
Then they say or write what to do next, and then, show their dog doing that, once, or twice.
and move on.
THOSE are always my favorite kinds of trick videos, always.
Maybe some ppl might find five to ten whole minutes of watching a dog get both paws on box a bit much, when they just want to learn HOW TO teach it, like, what is next step after that? they want to know.

I guess, one option, could be post both a "HOW TO" video,
as well as quickie "FINAL TRICK" video, too, for those ppl who either want to see trick first before becoming interested in learning how to teach it, or for those ppl who can look at a trick and somehow know how it was taught.
and you could even link both vids together, too.

might be a lot of extra work that way, though, not sure. AT ANY RATE, I ALWAYS LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!


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BTW, your puppy videos, are never long enough for me, no matter what those puppies are doing, i can watch them all day! I'd never ever get anything done, if those pups lived with me!:ROFLMAO:
Like everyone else here, I am personally mesmerized by those pups, and no matter what those pups are doing, even if they were just sitting there, for 10 minutes, i'd enjoy the whole video!!!:ROFLMAO:

baby dogs doing ANYTHING is worth watching to me!!


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I like a compilation of training sessions that occured over a period of time. That way I can see each of the steps so I can follow along and try to train the trick myself; and I can see the end result - but I don't have to see every repetition of each step along the way.


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I like seeing the method. If I'm in a hurry and don't want to watch the whole thing, I can always fast forward to the end and come back later to watch the entire video.

Really, I would love to see both. Two videos. One with the teaching and one with the end result. I guess I just want everything :D


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OK, how about showing the end result at the beginning of the video and then showing how that came about? I think that would be quite interesting. I like the videos that do that.


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I agree with the rest. I love seeing the training and the lightbulb moment. It sounds like a good plan showing the end result at the beginning as a "Here's the trick, now here's how they learnt that" video.


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I like seeing both. I like to see how some people train a certain trick. I usually watch training videos before I teach something to Remi, and it is always helpful to see how they the trick, and seeing how fast the dog can catch on to the trick. Like some people said I enjoy seeing the "lightbulb" moment.