Video - Clover at 14 weeks


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Thought you might appreciate our new behaviours for this week. :doghappy:


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You're doing really really well and I love the way you are mixing things up for her and keeping it interesting. It's clearly paying off, and will continue to do so. Just watch at the 0:43 marker though, as you'll see that she had you trained there, and not the other way around. She lays down, and you, in response, say "down". Just shows that you have an intelligent dog but you need to keep an eye for it.

Really really well done. It's great to see.


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Thanks for your comments. :)

I have no idea what happened at that section you commented on, because my word is DROP not DOWN... But I do say down... She definitely did throw me off. :p


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Leema that is awesome!! 14 weeks?! wow!! she's doing great!

she is such a little ball of energy isn't she? :) I love how she plonks herself so solidly into the down position! Look forward to seeing more videos of Clover!

sharon jean

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What type of dog is clover? She reminds me our my Cody, smart as a whip and active, very active!
What a great little pup!!!
What is that long stick like object, looks like it has a ball on the end. Sorry, I can't see that well.


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Wow, this is old! :p Clover is now 5 months old.

My target stick is a piece of dowl with bottle caps taped to the end. I find the dogs are better able to target 'something at the end' than the end itself. :) Some people do make them with a ball on the end, especially if they have a ball motivated dog! However, I was lazy.