video- Catahoula pup


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From a couple months ago in the dog park. I believe the owners said she's a Catahoula Leopard Dog, she was 4 months old. He wasn't interested in playing with her but she kept trying anyway. (he loves to wrestle with big dogs his size, but he usually ignores small puppies and lets them do anything to him)

(sorry for the low resolution in this video, it was taken with my mobile phone)



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HAHA! :doglaugh: Too cute. Zeke turns into a pup again when he's around He always wants to play(gently, of course...he's great with pups).

What's really funny is watching my friend's 110 pound lab bouncing around like that pup trying to play with 32-pound Mudflap when she's playing fetch. If she's fetching, she could care less about anything else going on, lol! It's a very funny sight. Poor guy, he never gets the ball when they play because she's so much faster than him. :doglaugh:


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Aaww, so cute :doglaugh:

This is Guus and Random playing. Sorry about the talking in the background (that's mum and one of my aunts): I don't know how to add music to a video.



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LOL! yeah when we are at home, then my dog does the same thing to me, as the Catahoula pup was doing to him!

Marieke - looks like Guus and Random are the best of friends! They are very well matched in their play styles and get along really well (sometimes in the dog park we get dogs who overwhelm their playmates and you have to step in and stop the interaction).

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Hehehe poor little guy- he really wanted a bit of 'Grown-up attention' :doghappy:
Really cute though :D


l_l_a- That looks like Emma and my mom's chihuahua, Chip. Everytime we go over to her house( which is about once a week) Emma wants to play so-o-o-o bad but Chip just growls and ignores her. He'd probably play some if she wasn't so rambunctiious. When her back is turned he tries to approach her.

marieke- I'm officially jealous! I'd love to have a second dog and playmate for Emma, but my husband doesn't feel the same way.:confused: