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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by fly30, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. fly30 Experienced Member

    I wrote a book called "My dog can blow bubbles" about the way I developped complicity with Fly through tricks training, but I doubt anyone would be interested as it is written in French.

    However, you may enjoy the video :)

  2. mewzard Experienced Member

    Ohhhh Fly is so amazing, and you too for all your hard work.
  3. fly30 Experienced Member

    Mewzard, thank you ! She's amazing that's true, and I don't deserve much as everything is so easy with her. Can't say it's hard work, just regular work. And done with lots of fun and love :)
  4. Trick Dog Trainer Active Member

    I love new trick books. Too bad yours is in French, I'd love to check it out.
  5. fly30 Experienced Member

    If many people were interested, I would consider translating it into English and have an ebook version.
  6. sara Moderator

    That is very cool! and Fly is awesome! I would likely be able to read the book, though I'm not great at speaking French, I see it so often written beside english, (besides the french i took in school) that I can read it... I'd likely need to translate a few words here and there though! LOL
  7. OzKelpie New Member

    Great work (y) Also, I love the way you integrated Fly's stretch with the push pedal bin! That just gave me a whole new perspective! :D

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