Veronica Has A Ccl Injury


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Hey guys!!

Sorry we've been MIA. Veronica injured her CCL in August and it's been a stressful few months. We tried to heal it with conservative management as we had successfully done this before and our surgeon who is very conservative (so conservative I have started calling him "the reluctant surgeon") recommended we try this route first. It seemed to be getting better, but then I believe she sustained close to a full tear, so we just recently had surgery.

I am posting a short video of Veronica walking yesterday (11/11). She had her surgery 11/8 and came home 11/9; so I am calling this the 3rd day.

For you guys with experience with the please?

I was feeling pretty comfortable because I was told that some dogs don't even put the leg down until sutures are out or longer; then I saw a video on youtube w/ a dog at 3 days that had the same procedure and this dog seemed much farther along. I know every case in unique but I guess I am hoping for reassurance that we are in the ball park:

Thanks for looking!

We hope to be around more and back to trick training once she is healed up!

Johnna & Veronica


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Awww, poor sweet little her!!! No experience here, just wanted to send some get well wishes. I hope she's back to runnin' and funnin' soon! :love::love:


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Poor Veronica.

Although I don't have any experience with this surgery I thought her walking was pretty good. Even after surgery that does not involve the legs some dogs are more reluctant to walk than that.

I suspected that our old dog, Paris, had damaged her CCL, but she had just been diagnosed with a heart condition so even if it was confirmed there wasn't anything that could be done (at least it didn't hurt her, one of her knees just didn't look right when she walked).

There is a Westie at agility that had surgery for a luxating petella (I didn't know him when it happened so I don't know what his recovery was like) and he is able to do agility again (has been for a while now).
Hopefully Veronica heals well and is able to get back to where she was before.


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I'm of no help, but I hope Veronica feels better soon! Prayers will be sent her way for a speedy recovery!


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Praying that Miss V has a fast recovery. I don't have any experinve with this, but I think short walks are a good idea and lots of TLC.


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Poor V, how's she doing now? I'm a bit late to see this thread, been a bit MIA myself. She's very lucky to have such loving parents :love:


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I will tell her you said so Evie! She is being very patient!
Final video, I made this for family out of state who keep asking for status updates:


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Thank you! I am SCARED to DEATH when the time comes to take her off leash and let her RUN. :eek:
The way you are treating the rehab, I am sure you will be fine. I strongly believe it is the post op care and therapy/rehab that make or break a successful recovery and, from this post, you are doing outstandingly with that! When she is ready it will be a joy (heart in the mouth for you I know though)!