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I have bought a new pomerian dog for my home. For keeping him healthy away from the deadly diseases I want to give him proper vaccination. Can you suggest me what vaccination should be given to him?


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I highley suggest that if you dont know what vaccination is key for your dog then to call or ask your vet....they will tell you and if you take your pup there then they will even probly administer it to him.:doglaugh:

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That was an old thread of almost a year old... Dunno if harry will benefit from your answer, but thank you for answering it. I must have missed it somehow...


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I was not sure what you meant in this post. Do you mean that "some vets only give half of the vaccinations needed for various diseases at one time" (giving parvo and distemper one visit, then rabies another day, for example) or did you mean that "some vets only give half of the vaccination dosage?

There is nothing wrong with dividing up the types of vaccines given on a single visit (although it does necessitate more visits) but you cannot give less than a recommended dosage of the vaccine required. This is part of the the reason that small animal vaccines come in singe dose vials.I know that it seems strange that a Great Dane and a Chihuahua receive the same amount of vaccine, but the immune stimulus requires a threshold "antigenic mass" in order to get a response. Giving half a dose of vaccine will probably result in lack of immunity.