[urgent!] Re-potty Training My Dog?


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Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a dilemma going on right now, i recently (5 days ago) moved my dogs "toilet" from my laundry room into the garage after my mum complaining about the smell. Her usual "toilet" is made out of a card board box lined with garbage bags and then with newspaper on top. To make access easier for my dog, i've even installed a doggy door through the door that leads to the garage.

Now, i think this is where the problem is. I've managed to train her to use the doggy door but she has never used it by herself. I've had to encourage her to go through the doggy door from inside the garage and then to tell her to go pee. She knows to pee in the toilet but when it comes to pooping she's completely confused, she has been pooping inside the house ever since we moved her "toilet". I have even picked up her poop and placed it in her toilet so she can sniff it and hopefully poop but that hasn't happened yet.

Prior to this, she has been wonderful with her toilet training, i never had to really train her she just instinctively knew to do her business on top of newspaper.

I am completely lost with what to do! Please help.


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Poor girl is just confused. What if you put her on the leash first thing in the morning when she does need to poop and simply stand there with her in the toilet encourage or giving permission to 'poop here'. If she tries to exit tell her 'no, poop her good girl' put her back in the box and try again. If she doesn't go, let her back in the house BUT not off the leash and watch her! Ten minutes later try again, (and again and again) unil she just HAS to go or bust.


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why does this dog not get a "real" walk in the morning??

our dog quickly figured out the doggie door, with us standing on opposite sides of it, luring him with treats to come through it.
then, we put him on one side, and we both stood on other side....

then, we put him on other side, and we both stood on the other side.....we lavished praise on him every time he went through it.......as if he had just done a magnificent trick or something....

in no time, he had decided he can go through it on his own, that we totally approve of that.