Urgent! He Has 1 Day Then He Goes To The Shelter!


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This morning, my friend found a dog in her barn. It looks like a Greater Swiss Mountain dog x pitt mix. Her mom says if they can't find anyone to foster it or find it's home by tonight, they are taking it to the shelter! :O

They have a DA dog, and have people and horses in the barn so they can't keep it. I'm trying to see if they can keep it one more day so I can talk to my dad….

I'm already fostering a dog, and we have lots of pets….. My dad works a lot, and I think he would hate the idea of fostering another dog. So, it's not like we haven't helped out dogs before and hate animals.

I could take him and try to find someone to foster him, if my dad says it's okay, but what is no one wants him!? :? Does anyone know what else I can do?

We are posting pics of him on facebook asking if anyone can take him…. I just don't know what else to do….

She said he is okay with dogs and people from what she has seen, looks young, he is fixed, and he is sweet!

I'm going to her house in an hour to take pics and try to make some sort of plan. :-/


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oh, Dilly, best of luck.
I hope you have good results on facebook, sometimes that does work, as does Craig's list.
(sure, you have to interview them, to sort out weirdos, but i've rehomed some dogs through Craig's list, and they still send me pictures every year on the day they adopted their dog).

i know this is hard on a dog lover like you, Dilly, hope you can find a "no-kill" shelter if there are any in your area.


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you also might want to contact any rescue orgs for swiss mountain dogs. Sometimes they do take in mixes for fostering, it's worth a shot.