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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by akisha, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. akisha New Member

    hehe, i guess everyone is getting pretty sick of me and my problems with not being able to negotiate this site or understand anything about it right?

    well, this question is about uploading videos. at first i tried straight from the camera, wrong file type, tried from windows movie maker, wrong type, tried from youtube, wrong type.

    does anyone know how i can get it to the right file type to be able to upload to the site? i have some videos of akisha that i would really like to show everybody but i am unable to due to this reason.

    thanks for all help

  2. akisha New Member

    p.s does anyone know how to change movie files?
  3. natty Well-Known Member

    Hi akisha

    i hope i can help , it was just explained to me the other day so this is what i have been doing. my camera has a SD card and there is a slot in the side of the computer where it can be put in . then i open the program that came with the camera . then i back up whats on the SD card into a file on the computer .then i open a new program that i just downloaded called any video converter , its free online and doesnt write across the center of my videos like AVS does. i convert the file to .flv which is a flash movie format then i can upload them direct to here or you tube . if i want to edit the video in windows movie maker i need to first convert it to a .WMV file and then upload it.

    i hope that helps , thats about the complete extent of my video knowledge. and i got that thanks to jean and other posters on here.
  4. akisha New Member

    thanks so much, do you know where i can get the video converter online?
  5. natty Well-Known Member

  6. akisha New Member

    thanks heaps. :D
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Akisha, I will send you a private message shortly and we can figure out a way to get your videos on the site. :)
  8. akisha New Member

    thankyou Jean :)
  9. dat123 Experienced Member

    Hi Akisha,I don't know if this helps, but it's worth a try...

    If your video is on YouTube, it's already converted to flv by YouTube. If you play your video on your computer, it will be stored in the cache. If you go into the temporary internet files you should find it ( very large file size ) and should have the extension .flv
    You then copy/paste to your c drive, then you can upload straight to the DTA.

    In Internet Explorer, you go Tools - Internet Options - settings ( under browsing history ), view files - a list of files will come up, look for the latest date, and biggest files.

    If your using Vista its more complicated, but possible.
  10. dat123 Experienced Member

    I've copied your file from YouTube, and stored it on my site.

    Go to the link and click save


    I'll leave it there for a few days, so you can download.
  11. snooks Experienced Member

    I also just load my files to YouTube and copy CTRL C the link from the URL while the video plays. Then I just CTRL V to paste into a message. My latest vid looks like this if you leave selected the default miscellaneous options that you'll see below an open thread as you are typing. Automatically parse links in text and automatically retrieve titles in external links. Then you don't have to upload. Just be sure ur vid is public on YouTube.

    And don't questions are why we're here. :)
  12. akisha New Member

    thanks snooks, so i have to play the video, copy the url, paste it into a message, but who do i send the message to? how do i upload it by doing that? sorry im really confused.
  13. snooks Experienced Member

    Just click the forum you want. Then up top left click New Tread button. This will open up a blank window for you to type your post into. Then you past your video's URL address into the window right along with the text you are typing. When you get done typing page down a bit and you'll see the submit button. Click and you're done. Your link should be active. You can click on it and check.

    Let me know if anything isn't clear. Hopw this helps :dogsmile:
  14. akisha New Member

    dat123, thanks for that, i could open the video from your website but i couldn't save it, i couldn't even veiw it. when i clicked on the link it opened a new window (like a movie player) but nothing would play. even though i couldn't see it i tried to save it but it wouldn't alow me to.

    jean, i really wish i could get you my original file but i can't send it. i tried using my hotmail address and i tried using my dads outlook express but neither of them would send it :( the only original file i gues you would be able to get is the one i posted on youtube.

    i'm sorry i haven't been much help guys, i'd just like to thank you all for your patience with me though :)
  15. charmedwolf Moderator

    Akisha- This might sounds strange but do you have a Kodak camera? That's what I used first and it wouldn't let me do anything with it. If you do look for a converter from MOV to something else.

    EDIT: http://www.youconvertit.com/OnlineVideo.aspx <--- This site will allow you to convert it to FLV from youtube if you want to give it a shot.
  16. akisha New Member

    charmed wolf, thanks so much! yes i do have a kodak camera, i was begining to think that was the problem. thank you for that, i will go try that out now :)
  17. akisha New Member

    Charmed Wolf, thanks a heap! it worked! hehe im jumping up and down and i am soooooo happy. i would just like to say thanks to everyone who was helping me along the way :)

    im just soooooooo happy now :) now i can show everyone what my little pups can do!

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