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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by kcmetric, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Well, Chaplin is a very smart boy, which I always knew but I forgot just how much of a whiz he is. Out of all the cons to him splitting his back paw pads there was one pro, me remembering how stellar he is!

    We've been working a lot on his service dog stuff which is boring stuff to him and monotonous repetition or just desensitization to the world; don't get me wrong, he likes working and he wouldn't work if he doesn't, it just doesn't it all that 'exciting'. So since he injured himself (as I posted about previously) we have indeed been working on tricks just for fun and he just glows when he catches on. In the last few days this is what we've got, either mastered or almost mastered (granted some of them he had already been learning):

    * Pick-pocket,
    * 'Pull their pants down' -- I thought of this one when he accidentally grabbed my shorts instead of my wallet lol -- kind of like how they do it in the movies. I'm only going to be doing this one with yoga pants on beneath haha!)
    * Solid retrieves of different objects from balls (so like boxes or whatever else we don't play fetch with) with longer holds and greater duration to get it to me
    * Leg weaving
    * Perfected the bow (he got a little sloppy)
    * Cross Paws
    * Yes and No head shake

    I will add a video to youtube once they're all solid and I get a camera. I don't like to add videos if I don't think there are enough tricks involved... speaking of which, I need to do another video with Baby who performs quite well with his myriad of tricks =)
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