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Hey everyone,

Just a little update on my little guy. He's been doing better but still have issues with soft stool. He's on his 2nd round of amoxy. This helps to an extent, but he begins to get a little wet after he finishes. I don't want to keep medicating him. I know that it's not good for his tummy. I've tried the fasting. He's still on his diet of chicken and potatoes. Hasn't lost any weight and is still himself. He is not dehydrated. Any other suggestions to help him feel better and have "normal" stool? I also heard that bananas are ok for him for the soft stool. Any info on that would also be helpful. Thank you all again for your help!

Candie and Tucker


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Have they tested his stools?

ARe you giving him some probiotics, like little dabs of yogurt, to help recolonize his colon after the antibiotics??
My dog gets wicked gas off of too many potatoes:sick: , but, all dogs are individuals.

If you take away chicken for a few days, and instead, give him cooked pork, venison, lamb, etc, does that make any difference? I think it's unlikely, that your dog can't tolerate chicken, but, i've heard of a few dogs who can't have chicken!!!!:eek: ,
and after a month of this trouble, i'd try to rule out everything i could. Everything.

next time you try to add in a small bit of dog food, do not listen to your vet,:rolleyes: and maybe you do not want to try his recommendation of Iams, or Pedigree, etc, or any of the other grocery store dogfoods............those dogfoods are all mostly corn, which has so much fiber, it won't help your little Tucker have more formed stools.
Do look over the chart here:
and when Tucker IS ever ready to advance along, and you ever do advance to dog food, of course, do it slowly, just a few kibbles at a time. NOt like, a whole bowl of dog kibble. Just a few at a time, over a week or two.

Have they tested his stools to see which germ, or which parasite, or what exactly is wrong?
What germ or parasite do they say that Tucker has??

Hopefully, when the antibiotic is over, (antibiotics can cause soft stools, too):censored:
and his little colon is all healed up and fully recovered from all this,
i hope that
his stools will be fine, i hope so!!! I feel so bad for you, Candie, AND for Tucker. :(

And Tucker is drinking same water you drink, right? so it's not something in his water, right.

Bananas are good for diarrhea, that can help, just a small bit, every day. And so can applesauce, cuz of the PECTIN in it, but do NOT give apples, but a little dab of applesauce is fine. I'd give him unsweetened applesauce, since he is on antibiotics right now.
We used to give humans the B.R.A.T. diet when they had mild diarrhea----bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

Some ppl say punkin(plain, unspiced canned pumpkin)
is also good for diarrhea, but, punkin is also full of fiber, so maybe not best move for right now, as punkin is also used for a laxative, too, and your baby dog's colon seems soooooooooo sensitive right now.

GOOD LUCK and keep us posted. I sure feel bad for you and for Tucker.....but, you are doing something great,
that despite all this, for so long now, that your Tucker is not losing weight,:D and is doing as well as he is,:D
so KUDOS TO YOU, CANDIE, for keeping this baby dog as healthy as you can!!!


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Where did you get Tucker from??? (Not sure if this question has been asked before) Cuz puppy mill dogs can have this problem.:cry: Did you get him from a pet store????

And to add to Tigerlily's post, if the vet reccomends the food he is selling in his office, DO NOT BUY IT. Here, all the vets are selling Hill's Science Diet and related products.:( It is not good for loose stool, no matter what he says.


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Hello all, sorry for the delay in response. And I want to thank you all again for all of the help. I will start with TUCKER is getting better. His poo and more defined and a lot stinky. LOL Starting to ween him off the sweet potatoes and on to some wet dog food, which he absolutely LOVES. He is on a probiaotic. Its in a tube and he does not like it. Thank goodness for the chicken. LOL I got Tucker from a breeder. They were friends of friends. I know that one of the other puppies had a bout with sickness (vomiting and soft, bloody stool).
I did take Tucker to the vet over a concern when he goes to the bathroom. He has no problem pooping, but not even 5 minutes after he goes, he squats agoin like he's about to poo and nothing comes out. He's straining. The vet checked his anal gland to make sure that they weren't full, and they weren't. His glands are swollen a little. She want me to take him to a Vet Specialist. All I see is $$$$$$ leaving my pocket. So I am going to another Vet for a 2nd opinion. I would really appreciate any feedback that you all can give. I hate seeing my little guy like this. The good news is, is that he is eating and drinking normally, has gained weight, and no vomiting! I just need to figure out why he's having straining issues. Thanks again.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!