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So there have been more than few changes here over the last few months. Everyone has gotten older and bigger and I have finally let some go to new homes that I was hanging onto.

So first the adoptees:

Knoxx - adopted in Dec by a lovely older couple who lost their peke mix last year. She is a school teacher and he is a professor. Their kids have moved on and they missed the companionship of a small dog and fell in love with him. I just talked to them a few days ago and they report he is doing really well and sleeps on her husbands pillow.

Jinx - adopted late Dec by a client of mine who adopted a dog from a shelter that she had to return shortly thereafter. The dog bit her in the face and punctured her lip all the way through while playing and she was then afraid of her. She was so distraught and wanted a dog but didn't know what else to do. It was love at first sight with Jinx and they have been to class with me often so I see them regularly and Jinx is doing really well - although getting away with more than I allow...lol.

Jett - adopted early Jan by a volunteer for Independent Animal Rescue. Her and her partner were looking for another dog after losing their last Border Collie to old age but they weren't thinking of adopting another herding dog - then they met Juni and liked her and when I said her brother was up for adoption - they had to meet him. And of course they loved him and they said he is settling in well and so well behaved!

Kai - adopted early Jan by a family known to friends of mine in VA. Kai was brought into work one night by a lady in a bit of panic. Her ex had been cited by Animal Control for having him chained to a car in the front yard. He is a super sweet, friendly, butt waggin little thing and since he got along so well with my guys, I took him until I could find him a placement.


Current residents:
Ayla is good - just her normal self - she turns 4 in April and remains one of the sweetest, most balanced dogs I have ever worked with.

Luka - the big lug - has turned a year and a bit and is such an amazing, loving dog - his sight seems to have not diminished as quickly as we had feared and we go back in a few months to check it at 18 months old. Maybe he will still be able to see for a while yet.

Juniper - my remaining Aussie x Border pup is almost 10 months old now. She turned out smaller than her siblings and is about 42lbs now with a little filling out to do. She is a beautiful, soft, sensitive dog who is truly coming into her own now that Jett and Jinx have moved out...she is really changed in the last few weeks since Jett left - all in a good way but it is strange for her to be super affectionate now where before she was not all that attention seeking. She is even sleeping with me now.

McKenna - the 26lb, 9 month old, NOT Irish Wolfhound is still with me. She is a smart, agile, fearless little terrier at heart and really needs a home that can keep up with her antics - she may be with me for a while longer yet!

Phoenix - the new Aussie x Pit Bull baby is just adorable. I have fallen for her so hard and I don't think there is any chance of her ever leaving...she holds a place in my heart that has been empty for a long time. I love a lot of dogs so I am hesitant to call her my heart dog this early but she may just be.

Well that's everyone - hopefully I can stay around this time for longer - looking forward to catching up with everyone again!


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Great to see you back!!!:D You're excused though, for you've being busy finding wonderful homes for all those gorgeous doggies:D So happy to read that they've all gone to grand homes.

Hoping Luka's sight doesn't diminish further, he sounds so beautiful and such a happy chap.

Juniper sounds like she's finally realized human affection is super good.

McKenna so very happy she's doing so well, she sounds a really fun dog.

Phoenix just may be your heart dog, let it happen naturally, she'll tell you.


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We've missed you, you know how it is when a pack-member wanders off!! :confused::LOL: As usual, all your pics are amazingly gorgeous - as are the subjects! So happy to hear that the pups are growing up and moving on to their forever homes. I know it's hard to part with some, but it's what you're all about, and it's so cool that you get to see at least a few here and there in class, etc. (y) It's got to make you feel so good to know you've given them such an incredible start to their lives, and made so many people happy.

As for little Phoenix, your heart and hers will tell you all you need to know. So happy to know she's a little keeper. :love:


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Glad you're back!!!!:):) We missed you!!! I'm so happy that all of your adopted dogs have a great home. They're all so cute and gorgeous, how did you ever part with them? LOL.:p I'm glad to hear the updates on your dogs and that they're doing well!! Keep up the fantastic work with your dogs, and keep us posted!!!:D