Ummm... Help?


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Well, I started preparing for our first canine freestyle competition in May (or maybe in March...), but I can't find a good music.
Could you suggest some, that are good for a beginner routine (so it's not fast, and not very long)?

It would be really appreciated!

P.S.: I prefer music with no vocals, but anything is good.

Thank you very much!


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How about a happy, lighthearted classical piece like Mozart's Turkisch marsh?


Or are you looking for a instrumental popsong? Let me think about that one.

luna may

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Iv'e got tons of songs on my MP4, and my temporary favorite is "Every Other Time" by LFO. I can mail it to you if you like, feel free to ask for it if you want :)

luna may

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And there are also Bhetoven and Vivaldy for example, both of whom have really nice symphonies. Check them out and enjoy! :good:


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Maybe something like Green Day's 'Espionage'? It's a little fast, but as long as you stay kind of with the rythym it may not matter. It's also easy to cut short.

I used it for a yo-yoing performance/presentation and it was a huge hit!

I have the file if you'd like me to email it - you can probably find it on YouTube... I'm sitting at a computer that doesn't view videos.


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Actually classical music isn't my style, but This is pretty good.

yoyopoodle: I didn't know that there is a greenday song, that I don't know!

luna may: I don't know that! :dogrolleyes:

It's hard with me...:msniwonder: