Two Rescued Dogs, Loki And Thanos


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Hello! My name is Rachel and I have two dogs, an American Staffordshire named Thanos and a mixed breed named Loki. I adopted Loki about 3.5 years ago, and Thanos about 7 months ago. Thanos has learned almost as many tricks as Loki knows in just this short time, and we haven't even been focusing on tricks the past few months! Thanos has a lot of anxiety in new or changing situations, while Loki is often referred to as "the chillest dog" you ever did see. We have started learning a few partner tricks, like "leap frog" "pet your brother" and "hug". Individually, their tricks include basic obedience and bowing, rolling over, playing dead, waving, backing up, spinning both directions, jumping up off all fours, crawl, covering their nose with a paw, looking left/right, balancing a treat on the nose to attempt catching, and retrieving on command.

They get to come to the office with me everyday, and spend their mornings hanging out with me and my horses at the barn! They have lots of coworkers at the office that they get to play with ;)