Two-e still poops inside the house

Hello everyone, I haven't posted anything since I joined in January of this year. I guess I'm still grieving over my little Pom. I had to put him down after seventeen years, I still miss him so much. His name was Izzy. I have another pom, his name is Two-e, because he is my second pom. Two-e is one year old now and he still poops in the house. Can anyone tell me what to do. If the weather is very windy, which it is a lot or heavy rain he don't like it, it's hard to get him to stay out, even nice weather he'll be outside and come in and poop. I even catch him in the act and shout no, outside and put him out but he already went in the house.


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I agree with Jean, you can't give a 'correction' without praise for the good behavior that you are asking of the pup. Is your dog crate trained? If so, if he poops in the house... don't yell NO at him, simply put him outside (ignore the fact that he pooped in the house) wait for him to go potty, if he doesn't go potty (which he probably won't because he just did in the house) bring him in the house, give him a handful of food, not much, just a little and put him in his crate. Wait 30 minutes and take him outside right away, wait for him to go potty and praise him with play, his favorite toy... treats...ect. Whatever works for you but it has to be immediately after the dog has done his business.
Good luck and let me know if you have further questions. Keep us posted. Enjoy your puppy.
Thank you for your reply. I will try what you said to do and let you know how well it worked. As far as the crate, I have one but never really used it for that purpose. Two-e is one year old at the end of June, will a crate still work with him for poop training?.


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Well since he isn't crate trained you might want to consider crate training him. What do you do with him while you are gone and he is home alone? Is he going potty on the floor when you are gone?
Two-e is not home alone. I am home. I got Two-e in october, he was four months old. He is one year now. I take him out about every one and one half to two hours, and even get up during the night and take him out. I know he knows, but I think he thinks its ok to also go inside.


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According to Jean Donaldson - a dog thinks safe and unsafe - eg it is safe to poop on the rug when mom isn't watching. And the rug may be the same as turf grass to the dog.

So take the dog to a spot in the yard -pick a circular area big enough for you to stand with the dog on a lead. When the dog does poo - reward and praise. You might even cuing the action once Two-e is actually doing it, too. Then the verbal will be linked with the praise factor.

I know it rains and gets cold, but it is worth the effort. Aslo crate the dog when you are occupied - cooking, etc.

Good luck,