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Does anyone have a twitter account?
And if anyone does, have you found the huuuuuuge dog community niche within it?

Plus, although this site has decent SEO, I think that a tweet here and a tweet there could help spread the word, get new members, and lots more discussion. =]

I can suggest a few people to follow (great people, great conversations, great causes, etc) but otherwise, I'm not going to spam the poor forum with names and whatnot. Just wondering.


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I'm insanitydogs.

I'm sure a lot of people could get on twitter and post but it could also lead to more spammers instead. Maybe somebody will though.

Jean Cote

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Hi Julie. I don't personally have twitter but I know lots of people uses it. There is a twitter and facebook icon at the bottom of each forum page, so that if you like a page you can share with your friends. :)