Tuna Brownies

Discussion in 'Dog Treats' started by sarhaspups, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. sarhaspups New Member

    Mix ingredients together into a doughy ball and press
    1/4 inch thick onto sprayed cookie sheet. (Spray
    well). Bake at 250 degrees for 25 minutes. Cut into
    little pieces. Store in fridge or freezer.

    The person who gave me the recipe said that she
    triples the recipe when she makes it and freezes most
    of it.

  2. sarhaspups New Member

    I forgot to say that these make awesome training treats! You can cut to the size you want after you bake it.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thanks for sharing!! I never thought of giving my dog Tuna, I will try it out!
  4. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    I will definatly be trying these out because my coonie LOVES fried scollops! She must be a seafood lover like me.
  5. montsterdog Well-Known Member

    Great recipe! Stinky, but my dogs will do anything for them! :dogtongue2:
  6. katznk9 New Member

    Sounds dog-a-licious!
  7. lotuslily New Member

    Kiera's the pickiest dog when it comes to food and treats..her main dry food is fish-based now...so hopefully she'll take to these! Thanks for the recipe! We'll let you know how it goes!
  8. szecsuani Experienced Member

    My mom would kill me if I made this in the kitchen... :D
    But it sounds like a really good treat, I bet Pami would go crazy for it! :)
  9. storm22 Experienced Member

    sound good might have to try make it, the dogs love fish, and oily fish helps with dandruff and dry coats
  10. lotuslily New Member

    haha. Kiera loved these!! She hung out around the kitchen near the oven for the next two hours after I finished baking it..just so she could pick whatever crumbs fell on the floor :D.. hilarious. In any case.. these didn't smell at all while they were baking! Thanks for the recipe!
  11. sarhaspups New Member

    I'm really glad everyone is enjoying these treats, they are great! Happy training. :)
  12. alexa999 New Member

    Do i drain the oil from the tuna?
  13. sarhaspups New Member

    You do not have to drain the oil from the tuna. I mixed the oil in. It is good for their skin and coat anyhow. :)
    Hope they love the tuna brownies!
  14. alexa999 New Member


    Thank u so much! I'll try these out tomorrow, & I'll letcha know what BUbba thinks about 'em!
  15. samualjack New Member

    I have never thought that tuna can be given to dogs
  16. tazman New Member

    Hi sarhaspups

    I getting a new dog in a few days I need some dog treats recipes for this dog.
    I like your recipe but I change a few things I hope that OK.

    1) I uesd only one can of tuna I don't want to make to much if it didn't work for the dog.
    2) I got tuna in water then add olive oil because the oil add in cans is not as good what I can get here in France.
    3) A whole head of garlic to add aromatic French taste to the food and keeps the flea off.

    The dog is after all a French breed dog labri des pyrénées or in English Pyrenean Shepherds and it cleans his blood of most parasite. Well he already sick from someone not taking take him to begin with I have some work to put him back to good heath and I plan to do just that.

    In your recipe of Tuna Brownies I use ground beef instead of tuna only to try some thing else just in case he don't tuna. The beef brownies have no garlic just in case. I try the brownies on our cat he don't like them but I found a stray cat that did like the tuna brownies. What fuuny is that the stray cat don't like cheese. A Frenchy that dose not like cheese I love cheese even stinky cheese I'm a Frenchy.
    Were is my wine??? No for me!!! The cats gets French water.
  17. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I might swap out flour for oats or pureed veggies, and then try it!! Buddy loves tuna!!

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