Tsunami Siberian Husky

Discussion in 'Meet the Dogs' started by loudlucky, May 23, 2016.

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    Tsunami is my second Husky!
    He was born on 16 May 2015 which makes him 1 yo now...

    He got fear/anxiety issues after being neutered in January, so the trainer suggested teaching him mire than basic obedience to build his confidence. It's been a bumpy few months but he's really improved so much already!

    I use a clicker to train & shape behaviours.

    He knows the following commands (in Afrikaans my language, so the commands are translated to English for your convenience):
    Lie down
    Up (get onto furniture ect)
    Stay (not very long or far)
    Heel (a bit pulling since he's a Husky)
    Halt (not good at stopping when distracted!)
    Shake paw
    Touch (the palm of my hand)
    Play dead (not very 'dead' for ling, but we're working on it!)
    Leave it (he leaves ham, sausages ect alone but not canned pineapple???)
    Look at me (does not work yet when distracted)
    'Go to your crate' (he has a cute phrase for that but it doesn't translate well)
    He goes potty on command
    He gets into a car on command
    He fetches his squeaky to and brings it back on command, gives it right into my hands!

    And then we get to the reason I googled for a forum!
    I want to teach him to ride a skateboard! We just started that yesterday...

    Other thing we have to master is him coming to me when called, he has 0% recall...

  2. loudlucky New Member

    Sorry I forgot a photo! DSC_0953_resize.JPG

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