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The Boys have been to the vet. Buster is fine, but Ceillo has thickening toe joints and both his hips were sore but the range of movement is good. Ceillo is on lead walks and only 10 mins or so free running 2-3 times a day (without ball) he has also been given Meloxidyl, returning in 2 two weeks. He thinks the dogs are vying for position although Ceillo's pain may be contributing.

Since last week I have been very careful with the dogs only letting Ceillo out the cage during the day if we are in, luckily my partner works shifts which means someone is here most of the time. I am still going to look in to a visit by a behaviourist just to get their opinion and am open to any advice/tips/suggestions/ideas which will make our lives more harmonious.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my post your input has been appreciated.



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Found this site with vid.

Take a good look at the dogs in the beginning, they are all showing signs of dogs which have NOT been trained using Positive Reinforcement. Then the actual vid of an over excited Lab. Paul Daly does say the dog is not aggressive, any one can see that, but he uses A SPRAY which he claims is 'harmless' to stop the dog over reacting. May well be harmless in a medical sense but sure isn't in a psychological one.How would you like to be sprayed if you were friendly but just a little 'over the top'. Put yourself in the dog's position. You'd react even more, maybe stopping being friendly, and what's the alternative to friendly? Rhetorical question - Aggression.

This man does not use Positive Reinforcement. Not many boot camps do, so be very careful, otherwise you'll end up with the dog who's a real mess!
Save your money, read all the posts on this forum re behavioral problems, and work with Ceillo yourself.

Slowly, one baby step at a time. Patience, persistence and more patience, loads of LOVE are the key to correcting his issues.