Trouble thy name is Mudflap...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tx_cowgirl, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Well, today has certainly been...eventful. Mud ran some errands with me today before going to a small park for some training and play. Some friends and I were going to lunch shortly after, so I took her home. After lunch, I came home to a swollen, black-white-and-tan furry face. Mud looked pitiful, although she acted like everything was fine. Carefree and cheery as always, she wandered around, one eye swollen so much that she couldn't see. Her rotten pumpkin-shaped face didn't seem to bother her at all. I immediately called the vet of course, assuming an insect bite of some kind, most likely a spider as we live in the country where these are plentiful.
    As luck would have it, our main vet was out of answer at the clinic or on his cell phone. Our second answer. I called Dad looking for more ideas, and we called the father of a guy I go to school with, who happens to be the same vet who neutered Rusty. He was close and good, so off I went. Mud was thrilled just to be in the truck. She loves car rides. So while I was scared to death and crying, she was happily drooling all over the passenger seat daydreaming about the cars flying by that she could "herd." After all, those things might hold people who could pet her. Why not corner them and let them all out to greet her? anywho, we rushed into the office and were immediately taken back to an exam room(but not before Mud showed her appreciation for the procedure on the waiting room floor). He took her temperature, weighed her, offered her a treat from a jar that she was intent on inspecting(which she refused), and came to the conclusion that it was a reaction to an insect bite. She got a cortisone shot and a good petting, and I eventually calmed down. We headed back home, her and her rotten pumpkin shaped face, still not at all affected by her ordeal. The swelling is going down, and she can at least see out of that eye now. The culprit was probably either at the park or somewhere in my house(isn't that lovely). So, I'll be keeping an eye out, and hopefully Mud will be a little less curious. Today I was going to give her a bath and then she was to meet a friend of mine and her heeler/catahoula at a nearby park...and tomorrow she is supposed to be going to see the woman who was her foster owner when I adopted her. Third time to visit a vet in 2 weeks...(taking Zeke to get neutered, picking him up, taking Mud)...I hope I don't have to go to a vet's office for a LOOONG time. There's only two dogs left that haven't been to the vet recently, and hopefully they won't be looking for any Christmas presents at the vet anytime soon...

  2. bigboytex New Member

    man that would scare me two and I kinda like mud. But its good to know that shes doing ok
  3. bipa New Member

    Thank goodness Mud is doing fine. I can really relate to your experience, 'cause I'm much the same way - always seeming to jump to the worst possible assumptions when one of the dogs is injured or ill. Almost always it ends up being something minor but I'd rather go to the vet and be told it is nothing, rather than ignore it and end up with an even bigger problem later.
  4. l_l_a New Member

    Gosh how worried you must have been!! I'm glad that Mud is going to be OK. I too have had to take my dog to the emergency room too (at 3 AM in the morning, go figure), and I know that horrible feeling when you are worried sick yet trying to stay upbeat for your dog's sake. hope the swelling's gone down by now.
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Mud has no swelling at all now, and tonight we went to an open house for the shelter I adopted her at. Everyone loved her, and gushed over how pretty she was and how sweet she It was really great for her; we worked on several tricks with many, many, MANY distractions. She did good. Someone there actually asked if she was an aussie/heeler mix. :dogblink: People around here just don't know much about border collies. Half of them reply, "Oh like Lassie?" when I tell them what she is. No, not a ROUGH collie, a BORDER, anywho but she hit it off with everyone there.

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