Tricks Video


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So i have had a go at a tricks video:D It's a little messy, because it was all filmed in one session. It was a spur of the moment thing.
A lot of distractions, although you can't see them. There is water near(you can see how wet Cooper is:confused:)
And see if you can spot the other animal in this video:ROFLMAO:


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Wow, Anneke, great tricks!! WOW, dogs are both doing so so great!!!

Yes, an ANT?? lol, that one was hard to miss! or, possibly, way way off in background, some animal way back by treeline, maybe a cow or a horse?

Had to watch video two times to look for animals.:ROFLMAO:


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Love it and it gave me an idea to try that follow the leader trick. another one to add to the list lol. Oh and the jumping on back one.


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A little tip on the follow the leader trick... Most dogs find it easier to move back first. And put your hands on your back, so when they jump up, you have your hands/arms to give them a little grip with the front legs. ;)

My backstall is still a work in progress:) In the end I should be able to stand up with my back bend. I started out almost flat on the floor:D That didn't work on my own, so someone helped me out. I would huddle up on hands and knees and someone else lured her onto my back.
Try to keep your back as flat as you can, so they have the most grip. And if your dog has long nails or grips with her paws(like my Jinx does:eek:), it is wise to wear something thick, not just a t-shirt. I had a couple of big scratches on my back, the first few times:confused: