tricking your pet if he is a bit aggressive.



I have had aggressive dogs that I have adopted before. Of course the first thing I want to do is teach them to sit. I use a verbal and a signal command. This at least gives me a chance to put the dog in a calmer state of mind if he gets too overly excited outside. One trick I learned is if he acts aggressive is I give a big hello to whatever he is being aggressive to. Lets say everytime he passes buddy the basset hounds yard and buddy barks he goes nuts, so I give a big happy hello in a cheerful voice while kind of wagging my body a little and I say, Hi Buddy, good boy, good to see you and I act like buddy is a long lost army pal. Generally the aggressive dog i am with calms down right away.( this works only if the dog is being aggressive out of fear or being in a strange place , not a dog that is aggressive due to abuse or brain damage: you would be surprised at how many people have given young pitbull pups cocaine).
I have found if a dog thinks your are friendly towards something he is a bit leary of::eek: he generally accepts your opinion on the matter.;)

Jean Cote

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Thanks for sharing! It is indeed very interesting how dogs observe everything around them, and in your case, your attitude towards a potential threatening thing. It seems like he will take your word for it that it's nothing to be afraid of! :)


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Hehe, I do more or less the same thing myself.

I look like such a loonie for saying hi like I've known them forever to "random" total strangers we run into on our walks.

It may also look kind'a funny to somebody who's not into the whole dog thing - that a person+dog on the street come your way in silence, but approximately when shoulders "meet", they dog's handler "suddenly" and happily goes "YESSS! GOOOOD!". - Some times I feel like telling them: "You know, I WAS talking to the dog, not making a comment about your looks today!" ;)
Oh, well! :)