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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by szecsuani, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I thought everyone who has ideas of what tricks should be in a challange once, could write it here.
    But for a fair play, nobody should start teaching them...
    Personally I thought it would be a good challange to teach the dogs to hide under the bed, and cover their eyes with their paws...

  2. hockey390 New Member

    If only my dog could fit under my bed.. =(

    I do like the idea of having the dog cover it's eyes though :dogblush: I plan to do this trick sometime in the future.

    If everyone does the trick of picking up the remote, we could add on to that and have them go get the remote out of a certain place.. Cabinets, in the other room, behind a door of some sort.. Etc.

    Some members have already mastered the high-five, but I think that trick is a really neat one as well.
  3. luna may New Member

    What do you think about this one?
    "Abigail has a drinking problem.” With that as a cue, the dog runs to a wine bottle, touches the opening, spins, falls down, rolls over, crawls and goes to sleep.
    I found it in this site, under the name "Ten Point Tricks".
    Other cool 10 point tricks, as they call them, are:

    "*Count/Add/Subtract (What’s one and three? What’s 312 minus 308? What’s 120 divided by 30?)(the CUE is a tiny hand signal to bark)
    *Lie on blanket, grab one corner of blanket, roll over and cover yourself up and pretend to sleep
    *Pick up everything that’s on the floor and put it in garbage
    *Pick up toys and put them in toy box
    *Steal people’s purses from beside chairs and put them in a bucket
    *Stop, Drop & Roll (for demonstrating fire safety to kids)"

    Some of them will be pretty tricky, though... On the other hand, we have quite a bunch of seriously talented trainers on this site, don't we? :doglaugh:
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    The only problem with this one, is that we don't speak the same language, and nobody would understand what I say....:doglaugh:
    But That Abigail has a drinking problem would be pretty cool for later., but I don't think we should do such difficult tricks yet... But thats just my opinion...
    I said "but" too much in this post...:dogbiggrin:
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    id like to teach storm to put his paws over his eyes or nose
  6. hockey390 New Member

    I just tried this to change things up a little from my whole remote control trick, and it took less than 10 minutes total (2 sessions). First session got her pawing her nose, 2nd session got her pawing her nose on command of "Emma, are you shy??" and at the end of second session I removed the tape I had on her nose and she did 2 straight with command only. (so proud :dogwub:)

    It is a cool little trick though, and seems to be fairly easy/fast to learn.
  7. l_l_a New Member

    hehe that's so cool! what is easy and fast for one dog is totally different for another dog/owner!! I had tried to train that with my dog, putting the tape (actually it was a stamp) on his nose to induce him to paw at it, but he just sat there with the stamp sticking up off his nose! I would go for this challenge since for us it WOULD be a challenge!
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    yeah i did try the tape on the nose but storm kept licking it off
  9. hockey390 New Member

    When I first started out I had a small piece of scotch tape, maybe 1 1/2 inches long at MOST. My dog just sat there as well.. I ended up making a strip that was long enough to go across the snout from mouth line on one side to the other (apprx. 3 inches). She pawed away at this one. And she eventually got used to it so she only pawed when I gave her a command, so that might be an advantage to you |_|_a.
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

    Place your toys in your toy box/basket.

    Crawl (Most of you haven't taught this yet, maybe?)

    Turn Television ON/OFF with nose.

    Howl/Sing on Command.

    Scratch & Sneeze.
  11. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    I had trouble with this trick too - Charlie didn't mind the scotch tape...

    I gave it a break for about a month, then tried again yesterday - this time I used blue painter's tape and it worked perfectly! I used a section about 1.5x3", and the ends curled up making it seem really tall.

    You can also place the tape further up the muzzle closer to the eyes so that it's harder for a tongue to reach. You can even put the tape higher on the head, if your dog reacts to it (Charlie didn't notice because he has a Poodle top-knot... only the shaved face got a reaction). Another suggestion would be to cue a 'shake' or any other word your dog associates with using their paw, just to get the idea in their head.

    After a few sessions Charlie is responding to the command most of the time, in different rooms, though me reaching toward his nose (as if to put tape on) certainly gets a quicker response. Today I'm hoping to lengthen the time and get it from a down, bow, and sit.
  12. k9player Experienced Member

    Another way to teach paw on face is to use a hair, or a halti (for dogs that aren't already used to it)
  13. k9player Experienced Member

    Sorry a hair tie (or schrunchie), not a hair.
  14. hockey390 New Member

    What is a halti?
  15. Jean Cote Administrator

    It's a collar that slips over the dog's neck & nose. So that your dog can't pull.
  16. luna may New Member

    The Golden in the photo is adorable :love:
  17. amanda85 Guest

    usually when i blow her face, she will automatically do the 'paw on face'... :D

    but i still haven't teach her as a trick yet...
  18. luna may New Member

    I've been trying to teach Kesem the 'Shy' trick for quite a while, but it turned out surprisingly:
    I decided to teach her the command by the name 'Hide'. I taught her for a few sessions, but she just didn't seem to get it, prefering other tricks, such as 'Speak' (by the way, she agreed to try and 'Spoke' today at the park! I'm so proud! :yipi:).
    I decided that if she didn't like that particular trick, we could let it go for a while and focus on other stuff. We could go bback to it in a week or two, and drop it completely if she didn't like it. No big deal, right? There are tons of neat tricks to choose from, you can just take your pick :).
    The startling part, for me at least, happened about a week ago.
    I sat down in front of Kesem, who was sitting as well, and though that it would be nice if she knew the classic 'Hand' trick (pronounced 'Yad' in Hebrew).
    I asked her for 'Yad', stretched out my right hand and, to bewilderment, she lifted her left paw right up into the air!
    A few minutes later, after repeating, realising it was foolproof, giving her a week's worth of praise and total euphoria, I realised that 'Hide' really did sound kinda like 'Yad'. Which made me even happier, because it proved that Kesem had learned something out of that trick after all. And it even helped us later on, a.k.a now.
    Yay. :doglaugh:
    Now I'm going to try teaching it by the longer name 'Hide-and-go-seek', which sounds pretty much like 'Hidengosi' when I say it to Kesem, so I'm sure she'll manage :dogsmile:
  19. sarhaspups New Member

    How about your dog getting the phone when it rings or getting you a beer / soda out of the fridge?
    That would be a fun challange. :O)
  20. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thanks those are great suggestions! :)

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