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Hi! I am trying to teach Memphis a new trick. We have to have a good one to win the golden biscuit award in puppy class. We have sit, shake, high 5 and lay down perfected but I need something better. We have tried the biscuit on the nose and he just won't sit still for that one. Any other good but easier tricks to teach a 5 month old lab?

Thanks in advance!


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Great thanks! I will check out the challenges for sure! Even after the golden biscuit challenge is over I want him to learn as many tricks as possible. Thanks again!


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No problem. :) Good luck!

The possibilities are just about endless. The record belongs to a Border Collie who knows over 300 commands. Silvia Trkman's dogs each know over 100, and learning more, with the exception of her newest pup who is quickly approaching that number. Mine knows 40, and we're working on lots more. :) There are tons and tons of trick ideas on this website, so stick around and be active in the challenges if you can. It's tons of fun for both you and your dog to continue training well into their elder years.


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Check out yolle555's channel on youtube (it's Silvia Trkman's channel, who tx_cowgil mentioned), or you can even check out mine, and my subscriptions, they have a lot of really great tricks.
This is my channel. :)