Trick Challenge: Show Us Your "good Side" Trick ---super Easy!


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Lol, since Buddy learned this trick, he has made it into a SUPERFAST trick. My dog OFTEN does this, with MANY tricks.

He learns the trick, and after a while,
he does the trick in super fast manner, like, one second long!!! (anyone else have a dog who does this? Speeds up a trick after they've learned it?):ROFLMAO:

so now,
buddy's "Show me your good side"
is a quick flash to his right side, so fast, you can barely notice it happening. :ROFLMAO: (when first taught, Buddy DID hold the pose for a few seconda, which was wayyy cuter).

so, i did weirdest thing,
but, it WORKED!:p
Buddy knows the cue "wait....wait..." which is a cue i use to allow Buddy into or out of cars, or similar situations, where Buddy is asked to pause, but is not expected to stay there for a long time....

for my dog------------- "wait" is different than a "stay".

Stay = he is there for a while, i might go even out of sight, but he is parked there long time.

"Wait"= he pauses, and dog can expect that soon he will continue.

so i gave "good side" cue,
and when Buddy's face was turned,
i gently held his face to the side,
with back of my hand gently held against his face, gently preventing his face from returning to center again,
said "wait.......wait......."
Praising dog..."good boy, wait...wait...good boy"
waiting a few seconds,
move my hand away,
now buddy returns his face to center,

and in less than one day, of several reps of this method,
Buddy got idea "ohhhhh, mom wants me to hold that pose for a few seconds".

yay! i also did something like this "wait...wait..." to lengthen his beg, which Buddy had also shortened down to a flash-speed "beg", lol.


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Probably BETTER ways to accomplish this, (slowing down tricks done too too fast) but, that worked for Buddy. Oddly, i do train him to do trick slowly,
at first, he DOES do the trick slowly, at correct speed..........

he himself speeds the trick right up to zooooooom speed!:ROFLMAO:


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OH, sorry video doesn't work, darn shame, as it is adorable trick.
The trick is so so simple,
but so so cute. YOu get a lot of "cute" for such a simple trick, imo.
Everyone seems to enjoy this trick, and it gets a lot of chuckles and "Oh! how CUTE!". Seems a popular trick.

You say, "Buddy, show me your good side.."
and dog smiles, turns his head to one side, with chin slightly lifted,
as if posing
as if showing his good side.
Well, 90% of the time, my dog adds in a smile, as well. But i guess the smile is optional.

My dog got this trick pretty readily, but, like ALL his tricks, Buddy then set the trick
to 100 mph speed--------zoom zoom zoom. <----that's Buddy, speed up every trick...

so then the pose was a superfast headturn, easy to miss even seeing it happen!!:ROFLMAO:

so i had to insert word "wait....wait..." while gently holding my hand to prevent his face from RE-centering immediately..
*that* did work,
and buddy now understands, "oh, mom wants me to hold my face over here for a second or two."

It just looks cuteR
if dog holds the pose for at least a moment.


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Fly has posted a video of her dog doing "Good Side", POST #11.
but it looks slightly different than *my* dog's final result, as my dog does this trick in a sit, with chin up just a tad,
and her dog puts face down just a bit, from a stand. My dog just turns only his face or only his head, not his whole neck.
either way is adorably cute!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how sometimes you think a trick, that was so hard to train, is gonna get lots of oohs or ahs, or kudos, but, sometimes, to my surprise, ppl seem underwhelmed with a few of Buddy's tricks that i think are great. (like putting his own toys away, i thought that one was most awesome, however, visitors give only lukewarm reactions to it.)

well, this one, "good side"-----------i wouldn't have expected anyone to be that impressed, yet, everyone just squeals to see it. go figure.

btw, for whatever it's worth, i had the cue be "good side" so i can finish sentence
"Buddy, show me you good side" before Buddy does trick...:ROFLMAO:


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lolz, i had completely forgotten i'd ever ever taught this cue, hadn't done this since NOv when i first taught it.........

today, i accidentally did the hand-cue for "Show me your GOOD side"
and Buddy instantly remembered,
(one or two months later,)
and showed me his "good" side.

i laughed out loud in surprise, as i HAD forgotten about alllll about this trick. Sure is a cute trick though.