Treat Bags


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What type of treat bag do you have? Where did you buy it?

I'm really in need of a new treat bag! I've looked online for fannie packs, but I couldn't find any styles I liked that we're cheap. All of the dog treat pouches that ive found are really expensive.... Oh, and it would have small. My current treat bag is suppose to hold poop bags. (just the bag, not the poop!) It is too long around my waist, so I have to put it through the belt loops on my jeans to prevent it from falling off! I can only use it when I am wearing jeans.....

I might just end up going to petsmart and buy one there if no one can help me out. Honestly, I don't even know if the sell them there. :p


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I use these
Did not buy it in this shop, I buy mine at dogshows.
They come with a strap you can easily ajust, to fit around your waste.
But you can find similar ones on prizes varie, but over here this one is the cheapest.
Outward hound had the same, but they changed them. They do have the round pouches, but I don't like them myself.


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i have 2 or 3,
none of them are 'real' treat bags.

My favorite one, is a camera case,
and i use the sling strap, intended to go around one's neck,
and put that strap around my waist, instead.

One thing i like about the camera case, is, besides it is just the right size for me, is,
that it has two compartments, so i can keep two types of treats separated.

My other two treat bags, are also just small pouches that were originally designed for other uses, but that i have added a strap onto.

DO LOOK OVER cases intended for cameras, ipods, mini-purses, CD players, etc.

I like the chef apron idea from Charmed Wolf, too, that'd be so handy!
For outdoor training, i often just use my coat pockets, which are now lined with crumbs, ha ha!


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You know, I'm with tigerlily here. I use a Fanny pack. It opens from above and I wear it on my back, usually. It's very comfortable. I previously used one that opened from the side and it was not really useful... so I switched to this one.


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This one is my absolute favorite!!!

The way it opens and closes is tight, no holes for treats to fall out of (like most) AND there's no flaps that get in the way It has a clip and carabiner, so you can choose how to attach it. The only issue is it's not big enough for as many treats as I tend to use int raining, so I carry an extra treat bag in the cargo pants I always wear when out with the dogs (cargo pants are AWESOME for carrying stuff like balls, leashes, halters, extra treats, etc.


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I got my Rapid Rewards training pouch today, and I LOVE it!!!! It is large enough to fit a bunch of treats for Shiloh at agility classes, and my hand can fit in it! (My other treat bag was tiny) I like that there is a magnet so I can keep it open, the close it easily. It has a front pocket for my lid, (for contacts) some side pockets for my clickers, and a back zipper for poop bags!

Instead of taking a minute to get out like 5 treats, now in a second I can grab a handful!