Treasure Hunt / Hide n Seek Game!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by niki, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. niki New Member

    This isn't a trick, but really a hide and seek game that I thought may be fun to share. It is especially a good game to keep your dog occupied on those snowy and rainy days. I put her in the stay position and bring out her fave treat. (My little girl is crazy for granola bars, and of course cheese) I keep her in the sit/stay position while she watches me make teeny little cheese or granola balls. I then let her watch me as I go hide them in all corners of the house while she sits and salivates, haha! I then make her wait just a few seconds longer after I have hidden the snacks, and then give an excited "okay go!" She loves the treasure hunt, and is a happy girl sniffing around for her prizes! It keeps her occupied for a long time, so I can go about my daily things. :dogbiggrin:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    That is an excellent game!!!!

    Playing this game develops many necessary skills such as the sit, especially the wait since she has to wait for you to cook, hide the treats, and learns only to go when you say your release word. And she also develops her hunting/finding skills by sniffing around the house for treats.

    I will try it out, thanks for sharing! This will definitely keep my dogs occupied for a while! :)

    My favorite is hide and seek, but with me. I would put my dog in a sit and wait and go hide somewhere in the house, then I’d yell out an OKAY! And she would come running everywhere to find me. It usually takes her 2 minutes to find me, one time I hid on top of the dryer machine and it took her forever to find me, it was hilarious. :)
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I know a guy, who's dog usually gives his ball to him to hide, and goes to an other room, and waits for the guys call. It's really intresting to watch the dog finding the ball.
  4. niki New Member

    There are a couple more games that I play with my dog, if anyone wants to try them! When all the fall leaves are raked in a big pile, I leave them there for awhile. I throw her ball or fave toy into the middle and watch her search. It's so cute because she rolls around on her back in the leaves and wiggles back and fourth,(have a camera ready!) and then continues to find the toy.
    Another game is to go to your dollar store and pick up bubbles to blow. Blow them around the room and watch your dog try and jump to eat them. Just wait until one lands on their nose...they'll go crazy wondering what these floating things are..haha!
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL I've never tried that, I wonder what my dog would do. Does your dog do anything unique that would look cool as a trick?
  6. niki New Member

    Well I have only had her since April...seems like so much longer! I lost 2 of my dogs, (my babies, and I miss them so much, to my ex) so I rescued Niki. I made a good choice because she picks up everything so fast! I try and make everything seem like a game to her, while teaching her things at the same time. The only thing I can think of at the moment, is that I make her sit/stay, and I take her fave toy (Mr. Bear,haha) and I put a treat on it. While I still make her stay I will let her watch me take the treat off of Mr Bear and put it in the toy box. Then I come back and put Mr. Bear in the box. I then bring Mr Bear back and then the treat back where it was. She has learned to put her toys away this way, by thinking there is a treat waiting...and of course there her toy box. LOL...we have fun around here!
  7. niki New Member

    I forgot to mention...the whole time with the toy box game I keep reapeating...put your toys away! She knows that phrase as well as she does...u wanna go for a walk??
  8. addictinganimal New Member

    I play the Hide-and-Seek version where I make him do a Down-Stay and go and hide somewhere in the house. I'll call him, and he'll have fun running towards the sound of my voice. :)

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