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What type of treats do you use for training, especially those that use a clicker? We use a variety mostly small soft treats, like Zukes. I would like to use her kibble more often, but I can't find a kibble that has a high enough value for her, as food is not very important to her. She works well for toys, but when shaping that isn't as practical as treats. Anyone care to share what they use? Thanks



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I vary them quite a lot to avoid Ellie getting bored with them. They include sausage, chicken, lamb, steak, and a food called "Frolic Complete". It's just ideal for treats.

Personally, I say try as much variety as you can. Ever noticed how much harder the dog will work when he/she thinks that he/she is getting something that you usually eat? :)

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You can use any treats that your dog likes, but I recommend that you keep the size of the treats to a minimum. You should cut your treats so that they are the size of peas. This will give you more repetitions without filling up your dog.


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clicker treats

I use a variety of treats, all different from any kibble that "Z" eats as "food." She loves soft liver treats from PetSmart, as well liver biscuits which I also use in her treat balls. Another great clicker/training treat is small cubes of cheese, small pieces of raw hotdogs, and ritz cracker bits. It took me a while to find that the best treats for her, being a hound, are the "smelly" ones!


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I used baked chicken, roast, lamb, etc cut into pea sized cubes after it cools (is easier). For high distraction times or difficult things I use tripe or tripe and cheese. Most of these I like because they have no additives, little fat, and are good for my dog with fewer calories. I don't generally use kibble or low value treats b/c that can have the opposite effect on my dogs. Hmm if you won't give a good treat I can't be bothered. However, if I want to teach leave-it or something very exciting like throwing food around and expecting my dog not to eat it I would use kibble as the throw down treat since it's unlikely she’ll dive at it. Then I reward with chicken and pick up the kibble. I always give the treat with the other hand and never let her have the one on the ground.


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I use a variety of treats from coachies treats, frolic complete food, sausages, hotdogs, cheese, dried liver, ham, chicken, liver cake, tuna fudge, popcorn (solo's favourite :dogblink:), dried dog food (ours are all raw fed so dont really get kibble so dont seem to get bored with the taste)


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I use a variety, burns puppy kibble as it's small, barker and barker little liver treats. liver etc cakes and cheese. I also use carrots and dried banana chips etc that the rabbits eat as Ludo loves the rabbit food for some reason.