Training: Move Around Me


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Thanks to the lovely Arlie and Mrs Dat. LOL I hope Arlie gets a treat from the doggie healthy bakery for her birthday. :birthday:


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Good ideas for teaching backward circles. Belle is still having trouble. She will move back but will not swing her butt around to go in a complete circle. She can pivot around a book just fine. Maybe she needs more of that.

I am now trying to also teach her to cross her paws. She seems confused with it.
I am probably teaching it wrong. It seems we get to a certain point where she stops learning. Debby and Belle


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Watch Kikopup's vid on pivoting again. She relies a little more heavily on the hand signals--if your dog will pivot with the hand signal, you can use just that alone to get her to pivot around you. Start out with maybe having her pivot from in front of you to beside you. The better she gets with pivoting using your hand cue, the more useful this trick will be.

Cross paws is a little tricky for some dogs. I used various size lids for targets--a 5ish-inch lid from some treats I bought, then a 4-inch, then a tiny 2-inch, and then just waiting for Mud to cross her paws. I started out with it right in front of her and gradually moved it further to whichever side, then far enough that really it was out of reach but she was still crossing her paws in an effort to hit it. I quit trying to teach it from a down position and started doing it from a sit. She was doing better here and if she gets it from this position then it will be easier to transition to other positions. Don't give up. :) Just keep trying, and if nothing else look for a different way to teach it perhaps. She might prefer learning it some other way.